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Customer Events Records CRM-L

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Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L Customer Events Records CRM-L

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This is the productivity CRM APP in the MARKET. Featured on Amazon AppStore as Free App Of The Day. Has many features such as client, sales, lessons, order, contract and event management, customer service to save time for extremely busy business professionals. Works perfectly fine on both tablets and phones. NO Internet, NO Data Plan, NO Mobile network needed for using the app.
Email support@siyamiapps.com for questions!
Less Typing and More Tapping offers immediate boost in productivity. Possibilities are unlimited when you create the templates to match your business needs. You client is now in your pocket! Efficient Customer Relationship Management for Service oriented business professionals.
- Add, update, delete, search clients, events.
- Color Themes available for skin or background and buttons.
- Boost productivity by creating your own custom templates for commonly used scenarios to save repeat typing.
- View History.
- Support for photo, audio, video, file or document attachments for client, project, sales/order/contract and event records. Use powerful features in this CRM App.
- Goodbye calculators as app will compute account balance using old balance and amount paid / due.
- Use dictations , voice or speech to text via voice enabled keyboard if supported by your device.
- Export-Import to share data with existing practice applications by uploading and downloading CSV files. Its perfect for bulk or mass data upload to/from your existing system.
- Schedule events or appointments and view them by day, week, month or year. Remind clients via SMS, email or phone call with just ONE tap. App even pre-fills the message for you that you can customize as you please. Supports Google calendar sync on most devices.
- For peace of mind, Backup your data so you can store it safely or transfer it to the other mobile device or PC.
- Restore your database from the previous backup.
- Take Photo
- Print or Save HTML or Text formatted data from the app to email or to SD Card so you can Print it or Transfer to your PC or other tablets or other apps.
- Bills/Collection and Balance Due Report - Allows you in just ONE tap to text, call or email your clients who have balance due.
- Detailed HELP
- Contact Us - We value your opinion and seek your advice for implementing future features. Email us especially before leaving negative feedback. Thanks!
Useful for Driving School Instructors, insurance agents, lic agents, real estate brokers, Dance School, karate school, Lawn mowers, Snow Removal, private classes such as piano or music or even yoga, Contractors, Hair Salons, Beauty Parlors, Investment Consultants and Travel Agents, Spa/Tanning centers, massage centers, aesthetician, beautician, Small businesses, investment agents or brokers, Caterer, Bakers, sellers, newspaper stand, entrepreneur ,home improvement designers, interior designers, Tuitions tracker, baby sitters, plumbers. Efficient, quick, GTD, CRM and easy information at your fingertips available to you on the go.
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- 添加,更新,删除,搜索客户,活动。
- 可用于皮肤或背景和按钮颜色主题。
- 通过创建自己的自定义模板,常用场景,以节省重复输入提高工作效率。
- 查看历史记录。
- 为客户,项目,销售/订单/合同和事件记录照片,音频,视频文件或文档附件支持。使用强大的功能在这个CRM应用程序。
- 再见计算器为应用程序将使用旧的平衡和支付金额/到期计算帐户余额。
- 使用听写,语音或语音通过语音激活键盘,如果您的设备支持文本。
- 进出口被上传和下载的CSV文件共享与现有的实践应用程序的数据。其完美从现有系统批量或大容量数据上传到/。
- 安排活动或约会和按天,周,月或年查看。提醒通过短信,电子邮件或电话与客户只需轻轻一按,即可。应用甚至预先填写的消息你,你可以为你定制请。支持在大多数设备谷歌日历同步。
- 对于安心,备份您的数据,以便您可以安全地储存或将其转移到其他移动设备或PC。
- 从以前的备份还原数据库。
- 照相
- 打印或保存HTML或从应用程序的文本格式的数据,以电子邮件或到SD卡,因此您可以打印或传输到PC或其他平板电脑或其他应用程序。
- 票据/收集和到期余额报告 - 允许你在短短的一个水龙头的文本,通过电话或电子邮件客户端谁拥有尾款。
- 详细的帮助
- 免费为有限的时间/试用。
- 联系我们 - 我们重视您的意见并寻求你的未来实现功能的建议。尤其是在离开负反馈之前给我们发电子邮件。谢谢!

Customer Events Records CRM-L 更新内容

Changes to support large scree, extra large screen and targeting API 23.
Contact support@siyamiapps.com for help

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生活休闲 小工具 房产家居
Android 2.3.2 以上

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