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Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T

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Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T

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This is the productivity EMR APP in the MARKET having so many great patient management features for busy medical professionals. Works fine on both android tablets and mobile smart phones. Save time via dictations. No typing just the TAP to select templates and join them to each other. Possibilities are endless to boost productivity. NO Internet, NO Data Plan, NO Mobile network needed for using the app.
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This patient data storage app has several patient management features for busy medical professionals. They can create custom templates in order to fill and store any particular type of data based on speciality.
1. Add Patient to database. Balance due is automatically calculated for you once you enter the Amount Due and Amount Paid. Say goodbye to the calculators. Schedule appointments. Search Patient by entering partial data.
- Color Themes available for skin or background and buttons.
- Securely Export or transfer Patient files by connecting device to your PC.
- - Create your own custom templates for commonly used scenarios. UNLIMITED templates can be created. Just ONE tap to select template, chart
2. Securely Export or transfer patient files by connecting device to your PC.
3. Export-Import to share data with existing applications by uploading and downloading CSV files. Its perfect for bulk or mass data upload to/from your existing system.
4.Schedule appointments and view them by day, week, month or year. Remind patients via SMS, email or phone call with just a click of a button. We even pre-fill the message for you that you can customize as you please. Supports Google calendar sync.
5. Backup your data so you can store it safely or transfer it to the other mobile device or PC. Backup file is created each time you press Backup.
6. Add multiple photos, images, voice (for medical transcripts ), files and video attachments to Patient Visits to capture various needs such pictures before and after treatment. You can also scan or take a picture of lab reports, x-rays etc. Use Update Visit Menu to view previous attachments.
7. Update patient and appointments.
8. Print or Save HTML or Text formatted data from the app to email or to SD Card so you can Print it or Transfer to your PC or other devices.
9. History - View the historical record of the visits and account balance.
10. Add Visit
11. Bills/Collection - View Daily Collection of Amount Paid. Balance Due Report - Allows you in just one click to text, call or email your patients who have balance due. Pre-fills the text message and email with the default friendly message that you can change as you please. We also pre-fill the number to call and to text to the patient. You can change the number or email if you need to right on the same screen.
12. Update/Delete Visit - Press and Hold the visit on History page to see the menu
13. Detailed HELP.
14. Contact Us - We value your opinion and seek your advice for implementing future features. Email us especially before leaving negative feedback. Thanks!
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Just as a reference so you can decide, here is the list of some of the professionals the app is useful for or is being used by:
Dentist, Nurse, Midwife, Health Specialist, Therapist, Clinician, Eye Clinics, Pathology labs, Physician's assistant, School nurse, Pediatrician, Homeopath, TCM, Ayurveda, Surgeons, MD, MS, MBBS, OPD, BAMS, Paramedic, EMT, Optometrist, Patient Manager, Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Orthopedist, Orthodontist, Dermatologist, sports physio, hypnotherapist, Medical CRM and student and school as well as interns, EMR, EHR App, Hospital can use the app as patient registration system. Useful for quick and easy patient intakes, first-aid or records by disaster volunteers, fire fighters or similar organizations and emergency responders during calamities such as fire, earthquake, war-zones, storms, tornado, hurricanes etc
- 可用于皮肤或背景和按钮颜色主题。
- 安全出口或者通过连接设备到电脑传输病人档案。
- 创建常用的场景你自己的自定义模板。无限模板可以创建。只有一个水龙头,选择模板,图表
9历史 - 查看访问和帐户余额的历史纪录。
11票据/收藏 - 本期金额实收的查看每日收集。到期余额报告 - 让您只需点击一下鼠标到文本,请致电或发电子邮件给您的病人谁尾款。预填充文本信息和电子邮件的默认友好的消息,您可以根据需要更改,请。我们还预充呼叫和到文本到患者的数目。您可以更改号码,或者如果你需要右键在同一屏幕上发送电子邮件。
12更新/删除访问 - 按住历史页面访问以查看菜单
14联系我们 - 我们重视您的意见并寻求你实现未来功能的建议。尤其是在离开前的负反馈给我们发电子邮件。谢谢!
- 免费提供给有限的时间/试用

Patient Records Doctor ON GO-T 更新内容

View Record and Statement Fixes
Complete User Interface Redesign to Support Tablets.
Addition of More Templates
Get Contacts from Address Book
Tap to Call and SMS or Email
Contact support@siyamiapps.com for help

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健康运动 减肥健身
Android 2.2.x 以上

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