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Associate Sales Tracker Free

Associate Sales Tracker Free

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Associate Sales Tracker Free Associate Sales Tracker Free Associate Sales Tracker Free Associate Sales Tracker Free Associate Sales Tracker Free Associate Sales Tracker Free

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Tracking your teams selling results has never been so easy.
**Demo Version**
Associate Sales Tracker is an app to help track the performance of your team.
Have you set sales goals for your team? As a retail manager do you feel they should be able to sell a particular item a set percentage of the time? For example do you feel that 10% of a cashiers total transactions they should be able to sell an add-on at the register? Do you sell electronics and have set a goal for all printer tickets to sell USB cables, Ink, and Paper? Do you have a whole new product line that needs to be pitched to ever customer? Did you set a goal that every ticket over $100 should have a new customer sign up for a company credit card? This app will be your best selling tool.
You can save each month’s results right in the app itself or E-mail the results to your manager E-mail account to pull up and review during coaching sessions or annual reviews. You can E-mail your data as an image to print and post for your team. Also, you can E-Mail your data as a csv to easily import it into your favorite database program.
I recommend printing the results daily and posting it for your team. At the end of a set period you can save your results right in the app (up to 52 periods). Also you can select an associate from the main screen and see a recap of their results for all saved periods and months. This comes in handy during review times or just doing sales coaching.
In this app you can track up to 12 associates, four spiff/item goals at once, and even save up to 12 months of results(and 52 periods or weeks) right in the app.
Use this tool to celebrate wins or coach accordingly. This app was designed to give you the tools to succeed.
Good luck and happy selling.
**This is a demo version with ads and you will only be able to save 3 times and e-mail 5 times. Check the app out and see if it is worth purchasing the full version**

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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