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Duden杜登德语词典 截图

Duden杜登德语词典 Duden杜登德语词典 Duden杜登德语词典 Duden杜登德语词典 Duden杜登德语词典 Duden杜登德语词典

Duden杜登德语词典 描述

Duden–German explanatory dictionary is the most comprehensive dictionary of its kind which includes not only up-to-the-minute German vocabulary, but also covers its dialects and its varieties in Austria and Switzerland. Detailed entries are devoted to the technical terms, professionalisms, jargon, and slang. As any other explanatory dictionary, Duden contains elaborated entries on the meaning and usage of the words and speech tokens in a sentence. The new edition of this basic work offers converted, updated, and considerably extended content of keywords from A to Z. Naturally, Duden – German explanatory dictionary corresponds to the obligatory Official Spelling Rules dated August, 2006. The PDA-version offers numerous functions that actualize word search in the dictionary.
Dictionary Details:
• About 150,000 keywords and phrases
• More than 500,000 meaning explanations and usage examples, notes on spelling, grammar, word origin, and style
• 10,000 words and phrases standing for new notions relevant for nowadays German reality, e.g. "Erlebnisgesellschaft", "Genfood", "MP3-Player", "Plasmabildschirm", "seniorengerecht", "Zweiklassenmedizin" etc.
• Around 140 typical for the modern German language affixes, such as "neo-", "pseudo-", "-bewusst", "-wirksam" and others are paid special attention
• Recommendations on word usage help to avoid mistakes in linguistically sensitive cases, such as with the words "pervers" and "turken" and inform that recently often used "taubstumm" should be substituted by "gehorlos";
Dictionary FEATURES:
Convenient search methods allow you to find any word in a number of different ways.
• General search
• NEW! Full text search feature allows you to look up words more efficiently throughout the whole dictionary content, including headwords and usage examples.
• NEW! Search for anagrams enables you to search for words with the same letters but in a different order
• Wildcard search to find the word even if you don’t know its exact spelling
• Similar Words search in case of misspelling
Input features:
• Three integrated input methods make dictionary use more convenient than ever. Enter the word in your own handwriting with Paragon’s PenReader handwriting recognition software, search by voice using Google Voice recognition service (Available for OS 2.2 and higher) or take a picture of the text and get a correct spelling of the word with Google Goggles.
• Easy copy-and-paste functions allow to copy unknown words from an active application, like web browsers or email, and automatically to open the relevant dictionary entry.
• NEW! Look up unknown words or phrases from any application, includingweb browser or email, using the Share button. The feature allows you to send copied text directly to the dictionary and get the dictionary entry in one tap!
• Look up unfamiliar words in dictionary directly from the home screen, using a Quick Search Box.
Learning Features
• German audio pronunciations recorded by native speakers.
• Test yourself with a Word of the day widget on your Home screen. A random entry from the dictionary is changed daily.
Interface Features
• NEW! Improved interface design with easy-to-access navigation and search field makes dictionary use simple.
• NEW! Lightning-fast new engine allows dictionary entries to open as soon as you click with no delays.
• NEW! Favorites - to quickly access frequently searched words.
• Dictionary installation on SD card to save space of your device (Available for OS 2.2 and higher).
• Enhanced customization options allow you to choose background color. Black, white and sepia themes are available.
• Enlarge or reduce font size for your comfort.
• Search History feature shows the last 100 words looked up.
• No Internet connection required.

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