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INSTEON for SmartLinc

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INSTEON for SmartLinc INSTEON for SmartLinc INSTEON for SmartLinc INSTEON for SmartLinc INSTEON for SmartLinc INSTEON for SmartLinc

INSTEON for SmartLinc 描述

Your smartphone already lets you manage nearly all aspects of your life: from enjoying entertainment to conducting business to contacting friends and family no matter where you are. But why stop there? Make your smartphone control your smart home from anywhere! The INSTEON app simply and elegantly integrates your home’s lighting, appliances cameras and thermostats, giving you access and control from anywhere.
Here are just a few scenarios where the INSTEON app provides convenience and security:
• Late night at the office? Turn on your home’s lights for extra security.
• Locked out of the house? Unlock your front door or open your garage.
• Ready for bed? Turn off all your home’s lights without leaving the bedroom.
• Can’t remember if you dialed back the thermostat? Check its status and turn it off, even if you’re on vacation 3,000 miles away.
When used in conjunction with SmartLinc, the app affords you intuitive control of your INSTEON home network with an easy one-time setup: just log into your free smartlinc.smarthome.com account and never worry about connecting again. The app will even automatically set up remote access, saving you the hassle of learning how to port forward your router.
Create whole-room, multi-device scenes directly from within the INSTEON app. Purchased a new INSTEON device? The app will add the device in a few easy steps.
As a bonus, upon first connecting, the INSTEON app automatically synchronizes the SmartLinc clock to your Android device, ensuring timers run properly and are 100% accurate
The INSTEON app features:
• Add/Edit/Remove devices and scenes
• Automatic remote access setup
• One-time SmartLinc authentication
• Works over Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and EDGE
• Supports multiple SmartLinc controllers
• Simple initial INSTEON device setup
• Real-time device status
• Full thermostat support
• Supports up to 1024 INSTEON devices
• Supports up to 256 scenes
• One-touch resynchronization of configuration
• Automatically syncs SmartLinc clock with Android device
• Support and feedback email link within the app
• Support for Custom Commands (if previously configured)
• Press and Hold for Brights and Dim
• Support for Google TV
• Automatic remote access with UPnP-enabled routers
• Supports device link/unlink and multi-link/multi-unlink
• Supports up to 16 thermostats
• Time synchronization now includes day of week
• Enable/disable Daylight Saving Time
• Quick-swipe delete rooms, devices and scenes
• Now supports fast-on/fast-off (double-tap On or Off button) and press-and-hold dim/brighten
• Supports custom commands (must be pre-configured in web UI)
• Supports up to 16 IP cameras
• Edit house and room names
• Add/Edit/Remove room cameras
• Optional sound feedback for control (enable under settings)
• Added support for latest INSTEON thermostat models
SmartLinc app Requirements:
•Android Phone or Tablet running version 2.1+
•2412N SmartLinc – INSTEON Central Controller version 2.0+ (configured via web browser)
你的智能手机已经让你管理你的生活的几乎所有方面:享受娱乐,进行业务接触的朋友和家人,无论你在哪里。但是,为什么要停止呢?让你的智能手机控制您的智能家居从任何地方! INSTEON应用程序简单和优雅将您家中的照明,家用电器,相机和自动调温器,让您从任何地方访问和控制。
创建整个房间,多设备的场景,直接从的INSTEON应用程序内。 INSTEON购买了一台新的设备?该应用程序将在几个简单的步骤添加设备。
•支持高达1024 INSTEON设备
•支持自定义命令(必须预先在Web UI配置)
•Android手机或平板电脑运行的是版本2.1 +
•2412N SmartLinc - INSTEON中央控制器版本2.0 +(通过Web浏览器的配置)

INSTEON for SmartLinc 更新内容

• Fixed bug preventing new accounts from being created.
• Fixed bug where application was requests username/password for camera's with no password.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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