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Smoking With Style Lite

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Smoking With Style Lite Smoking With Style Lite Smoking With Style Lite Smoking With Style Lite Smoking With Style Lite Smoking With Style Lite

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Pot Etiquette, Cooking with Pot, and Stoner Games!
The official SmokingWithStyle.com mobile companion. If you like the website, you will LOVE the app!
For those of you leaving 1*s because you are afraid of a little competition... I wish you luck!
ALL 8 chapters are included in the PRO Version!
Ch 1: Smoking Weed
- Smoking Weed and Weed Measurements
Ch 2: Marijuana Pipes
- Smoke From and Make Marijuana Pipes
Ch 3: Water Pipes
- Smoke From and Make Water Pipes, Bongs, and Bubblers
Ch 4: Joint and Blunts
- Rolling Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs
*Ch 5: Lighting Your Weed
- Lighters, Matches, Zippos, and Hemp Wicks
*Ch 6: Weed Smoking Rules
- Learn When and How to Smoke Weed
*Ch 7: Pot Smoking With Others
- How to Respect Your Fellow Pot Smokers
*Ch 8: Pot Circles
- Weed Smoking While in a Pot Circle
ALL 8 recipes are included in the PRO Version!
#1: Cooking with Pot
- Pot butter preparation and information
#2: Pot Butter
- Preparing “cannabutter” for your recipes.
#3: Crippling Chip Cookies
- Chocolate chip cookies with a “crippling” effect.
#4: Chronic Chip Brownies
- Chocolate chip brownies with a buzz that won’t quit.
*#5: Burner Brownies
- Pot brownies that take you up and bring you down.
*#6: Buzznana Bread
- This buzz is bananas (B.A.N.A.N.A.S.)!
*#7: Rice Creeper Treats
- These marshmallow cereal treats will creep up on you.
*#8: Easy-Baked Cupcakes
- Pumpkin cupcakes that get you baked... easily!
*#9: Crazy Cocoa Cupcakes
- Yummy chocolate cupcakes with “a crazy side.”
ALL 4 games are included in the PRO Version!
#1: Ask Bud!
- An animated & talking magic 8 ball game for stoners.
#2: Smoking Tricks
- Impress your friends with cool smoking tricks!
*#3: Wheel of tokes
- An animated multi-player spin-the-wheel party game.
*#4: Stoner Games
- Fun games to play with your stoner friends.
* = Pro Version ONLY!
Stay "cool" and I'll toke to ya soon,
-- Bud S. Moker, Th.C. --
If you ever have any questions, suggestions, problems, or compliments please feel free to send them to me at: Bud@SmokingWithStyle.com.
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(c) 2012 Smoking With Style All Rights Reserved

Smoking With Style Lite 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:HUGE upgrades to this application!
"Lite" version now includes the talking "Ask Bud!" game!!!
New Fun & Games section added with more... you guessed it: Fun and Games.
Cooking with Pot - Instructions for making pot butter and cooking with marijuana, including great/tasty recipes!

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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