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Smoopa Price Scanner

Smoopa Price Scanner

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Smoopa Price Scanner Smoopa Price Scanner Smoopa Price Scanner Smoopa Price Scanner Smoopa Price Scanner Smoopa Price Scanner

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Smoopa is a free price comparison app that empowers everyone to shop smarter, together. Join forces with fellow shoppers to find and share good prices.
"Bargain hunters have never had it better."
-The Wall Street Journal
"Armed with smartphones, consumers are comparing prices in physical stores to ones online in a hunt for the best deals.... Smoopa’s spin on this is that they reward shoppers for sharing price information back from real-world stores."
"Smoopa randomly rewards users at local shops for comparison shopping with their scanner. In other words, you can shop local and still save."
-The Huffington Post
"If the store has the best deal, it displays a green button. If it doesn't, it cautions them against buying with a yellow button and shows them online options."
-PC Magazine
"The most user-friendly and more frequently found what we scanned"
"The good or bad buy recommendation is what sets Smoopa apart from a bevy of price comparison competitors"
"Smoopa always includes shipping costs in its prices"
-All Things Digital
"Seriously, you're probably overpaying for something right now. Don't do it. Put your wallet away and download this cash-saver"
How do I compare and contribute prices?
Use Smoopa on your smartphone whenever you're out shopping. Scan the barcode on the packaging, select the store you're at, and then enter the price. We will compare it with both online prices and in-store prices in our database to determine if it's a good price. The in-store price you entered will then be added to our database and shared with others.
Please note that you'll need to have an account to scan items, contribute prices, and earn rewards.
What should I scan?
Use the price scanner on just about anything in the store you are interested in buying, including books, electronics, movies, music, toys, apparel, accessories, shoes, office supplies, housewares, sporting goods, video games, beauty supplies, baby gear, and more.
For additional questions, please see our FAQs at http://www.smoopa.com/faq/ or email us at smoopa@smoopa.com. Thanks for checking out Smoopa!
Fan Feedback
"Awesome app they should make more apps like this."
"Excellent. Best app of its kind."
"I just saved 75% because of Smoopa!"
"This is the first app that has impressed me in a long time."
"5+ stars if I could! Seriously 5+ + + STARS!"
"This is my favorite app! So easy to learn and use."
"Works better than Google Shopper... it loads faster and provides relevant pricing comparison among online retailers... ^_^"
"No longer bored. Finally something to do while wife shops."
"This is a great app! Being a single dad with 3 kids EVERY dollar saved counts."
"The Smoopa app is easy to understand and use. This is a good app for couponers to use for additional savings."
"So far this is the best shopping app that I have used."
"This is a great app and a MUST HAVE for any shopping savvy guru that enjoys saving money. It is the go to app for more bang for your buck happiness! Thank you Smoopa!"
"Easy and fast way to comparison shop."
"Awesome app....use it all the time when I shop"
"Love it!! Great app!!"
"This app is awesome and addictive!"
"Absolutely love using this app!!!"
Please note that posting your promo code in any app review is not allowed and makes the code invalid. To re-enable the code, please contact us at smoopa@smoopa.com.

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- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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Android 2.3 以上

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