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SMS2Email Buddy - SMS to Email

SMS2Email Buddy - SMS to Email

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SMS2Email Buddy - SMS to Email SMS2Email Buddy - SMS to Email SMS2Email Buddy - SMS to Email SMS2Email Buddy - SMS to Email

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SMS 2 Email Buddy helps to forward your incoming SMS to email. It is easy to use. All you need is to:
1. Configure any sender email address, which has to be either a Gmail or Google Apps email. For a better security, we recommend creating a new Gmail account solely for this app.
2. Configure your recipient email address (perhaps your corporate email)
3. Make sure there's Internet connection via Wifi or Mobile
That's it. Every SMS you received will be forwarded to your email recipient(s).
SMS 2 Email Buddy is simple to use but packs a punch to forward SMS to email:
* Configure up to 10 email recipients
* Configurable retry intervals and attempts make sure your recipients get it
* Log of all transaction details
* Search feature on SMS content
* Logs are automatically maintained and exported to SD card every month
* You can choose to email monthly log to your default recipient
* Reconnect to your preferred Wifi network automatically when in range (Wifi must be enabled beforehand)
* Runs reliably as a background service.
* Safe. We do not keep your password or SMS in our server. They are stored only in your phone and used when it is time to deliver your emails.
SMS 2 Email Buddy is now available for free (with ads) with a one-time registration and a monthly limit. PigeonHole, our paid version, is available at http://www.maventechnologies.com.sg/pigeonhole
*Refer to https://support.google.com/mail/answer/14257 for problems connecting to your Gmail account. The most common remedy is to enable the 'allow less secure app access' option.
Please read http://maventechnologies.com.sg/sms_forwarding_note.html for security and usage recommendations. Contact us for any issues :-)
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* Rule and customisable subject template for Recipient 1

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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