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Snowfunk Speedway

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Snowfunk Speedway Snowfunk Speedway Snowfunk Speedway Snowfunk Speedway Snowfunk Speedway Snowfunk Speedway

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The fully interactive scorecard for speedway's World Individual Series.

** 2012 Scorecard + FREE Speedway News **
** FREE Round 1 Scorecard for New Zealand **

Follow the challenge to Hancock’s world title with Snowfunk Speedway - the fully interactive scorecard for all 12 rounds of the 2012 World Individual Series.

Feed your old paper-based scoresheet to the shredder because with Snowfunk Speedway there is:

• No writing required - Load rider lineups from the Internet and select riders for the semis and finals with a super-easy rider picker.

• No time required - Entering a race result takes just 3 taps with the Snowfunk Scoring System. Tap the first three riders in finishing order and that's it. Made a mistake? Just tap again until the result is right.

• No maths required - The leaderboard updates automatically after you've entered a heat so you can instantly see how the race for the semis is shaping up.

• No effort required - The Snowfunk Stat Pack gives you at-a-glance heat-by-heat details, round standings and overall standings.

• No tears required - Even if you've missed the latest round you can always load the full result into the app and browse the scores at your leisure.

So this year it's time to ditch the pen and paper and enhance your speedway enjoyment with the next-generation speedway scorecard - Snowfunk Speedway.

Note: Access to the complete 2012 series is an optional paid upgrade. Completely free functionality includes full access to round 1 of 2012 (so you can try before you buy), a viewable archive of results and statistics from 2011 and 2010, plus access to the latest speedway news headlines.

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NEW - 2012 rounds and riders

NEW - 2011 results archive

FIXED - Minor bugs

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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