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HFT Lite (Hands Free Texting)

HFT Lite (Hands Free Texting)

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HFT Lite (Hands Free Texting) HFT Lite (Hands Free Texting)

HFT Lite (Hands Free Texting) 描述

Ever want to continue a text conversation while driving? Do you receive texts and have to pull to the side of the road just to read them? Not anymore! HFT (Hands Free Texting) is an app that will solve all of these annoying problems, all while keeping you totally safe when driving. The full version of HFT allows you to respond to any text message you receive.

HFT will allow you to hear who is texting you, either read or ignore the incoming message, hear it again, and then respond (Full version only), all using your voice. HFT won’t just immediately send a message either -- we all know that sometimes voice recognition isn’t totally accurate, so HFT will replay the message before sending so that you can avoid any embarrassing messages if your voice is not recognized properly. (Full version only)

Unlike most voice recognition apps, HFT is compatible with both bluetooth headsets and in-car devices. In addition, HFT gives you the choice to automatically turn off voice notifications when your device is in silent or vibrate mode, without you having to worry about it. A pro feature turning HFT on or off is as simple as tapping the homescreen widget, which glows red to tell you that it is running. A status bar notification will also let you know that you’re ready to text hands-free.

When it comes to safety, peace of mind, and convenience, there is nothing better than being able to continue texting with your eyes safely on the road or whatever else you may be doing, and HFT makes it happen seamlessly and effortlessly.

HFT, it's cheaper then getting a ticket for texting while driving.

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Added support for devices before ICS


fixed wakelock bug


Fixed in-call bug


Initial Release

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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