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ENGAGE THE CLASS, SAVE ON GRADING TIME - Socrative brings smart clickers to a whole new level. - Engage the entire classroom with educational games and exercises while getting student results in real-time. - Run Socrative off any web browser, while your students run it off their smartphone / iPod Touch / Laptop. - Socrative takes 3 minute for you to setup and 30 sec for your students to load. - Saves you time grading and lesson planning. - Games and exercises on their device, results show up on the classroom screen. WHAT TEACHERS & STUDENTS ARE SAYING- "It was a blast. Socrative immediately engaged all the students in the class." - U Michigan Professor- "It saves me 80 min / week in grading each day." - Boston High School Math Teacher- "Once I saw the poll results that the rest of the class didn't understand the material, I felt more comfortable asking questions." - MIT Graduate Student- “I would pay hundreds of dollars for this.” - MIT Professor MOST POPULAR ACTIVITIES:✔ Multiple Choice: Ask a MC question, and see student responses on the projection screen as a bar chart.✔ Short Answer Questions: Ask an open-ended question. Students respond to the answer or express their ideas.✔ Space Race: Teams of students answer questions in this fast-paced rocket race game. First team to get their rocket across the screen wins!✔ Exit Tickets: Get a quick, paper-free pulse-check at the end. No need for grading later!✔ Quick Quiz: A self-paced, quiz on their laptop / smartphone. Results export to a report that is automatically graded and recorded.✔ Import Questions: Cut down prep time. You can create questions in Excel and import into Socrative. SUPPORTED BROWSERS / DEVICESIE / Firefox / Chrome, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android ABOUT USWe're a team of educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers passionate about improving education. We know you are too, and thank you for joining us. We believe in super simple tech tools to enhance classroom engagement, interaction, learning, and fun.

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