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Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu下载

Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu

Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu

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Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu 截图

Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu

Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu 描述

Desi Radio is for
-All Indian music lovers wanting to tune to their favorite radio stations
-For those away from home and want to tune to your favourite radio station
-For those getting bored being on bench in IT companies
-For those working hard to make that one single program work
-For the students working in lab and wanting to kill time
-For anyone who is using android app of Desi Radio but does not have data connection while away from WiFi connections
-For anyone else not covered in the description
Desi Radio brings several channels in various Indian languages- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, English.
Tune in to various radio stations with a single touch. App has got a nice 3-D style list of radio stations to choose from. It has got the functionality to set your favorites.
App pauses radio streaming once a phone call is received.
Following radio stations available at the moment, more to be added very soon! Suggestions are welcome via email, please do not post suggestions on comment board.
Bollywood Hits
FTV Radio
Bollywood Music
Radio NRI
Jamz - Hip
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Kerela Radio
Desi Radio
Hindi Bollywood Hits
Hindi Bollywood Music
Hindi Radio NRI
Hindi Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Hindi Desi Radio
Hindi Radio teentaal
Hindi Desimusic Mix
Hindi Hamara Sangeet
Hindi Radio Afsana
Hindi Planet Radio City
Hindi Apna Radio
Hindi Radio Sangeet
Hindi Deccan Radio
Tamil Geetham Radio
Tamil TRT Tamil Oli
Tamil Likeaxa FM
Tamil Tamilaruvi FM
Tamil ITR Tamil Radio
Telugu Telugu One
Malyalam Radio Joyalukkas
Malyalam Kerela Radio
English FTV Radio
English Jamz - Hip
Tamil Sivan Kovil FM
Tamil Sahana FM
Tamil Paris Tamil FM
Tamil Ilayaraja FM
Tamil BBC Seithi Arikkai
Tamil A9 Radio
Tamil Music Mindss Tamil Christian
Tamil Faith FM Tamil
Tamil Inbam FM
Tamil Golden Tamil
Hindi Kalighat Radio
Hindi Craze FM
Hindi Frequence INDIA Radio Nimbooda
Telugu Red 93.5 FM Hyderabad
Telugu Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM Hyderabad
Telugu Rainbow 101.9 FM Hyderabad
Telugu AIR Urdu
Telugu AIR Telugu Akashvani
Hindi Vividh Bharti
Kannada 90.1 FM
Malyalam Deepika
Tamil Tamil-Christian
Telugu Telugu-Christian
Punjabi Australian Harman Radio
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Desi Radio- Hindi,Tamil,Telugu 信息

影音播放 音乐
Android 2.3.7 以上
Anil Soni

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