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Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS

Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS

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Enjoy your golf game with a brill

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Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS

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Enjoy your golf game with a brilliant caddy on your phone! - The world's most advanced Golf GPS App!- The ONLY App which provides both aerial imagery and color course layout.- Over 30,000 Worldwide Courses Available Why use Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS? Sonocaddie 2 is the ONLY App which provides both aerial imagery and color course layout for golfers. Even though aerial imagery is a good way to see the actual view of the course, the color course layout provides the important details, artistically enhanced and more easily viewed under bright sunlight conditions. In addition, the full color course layout of Sonocaddie 2 shows the distance for each critical target like sand traps. With other Golf GPS Apps, the golfer has to accurately touch a tiny spot on an aerial photo image under poor sunlight visibility. With Sonocaddie 2, you always have a clear, sunlight viewable course layout on hand. Features in Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS- Full Color Layout Yardage Guide- Actual Aerial Imagery - Touch Point Positioning for Fairway and Green- Scorecard for 4 Players & Game Analysis Features in Sonocaddie 2 ◆ Full Color Layout Yardage Guide The full color layouts are mapped by knowledgeable golf course mapping professionals, providing a full-color, graphical view of the entire hole and precise distance information from any point on the course. The revolutionary user interface actually shows YOUR position on the course in real time. As you move to the next stroke location, your position will show and the distances to each target will be updated in real time. ◆ Aerial Imagery of Fairway and Green You can switch the view to actual aerial imagery of fairway and green during play, with precise yardage information also visible on the aerial imagery. ◆ Touch Point Positioning on both Fairway and Green Touch any point on the color layout / aerial imagery of the hole and immediately see the distance from you to that point, and the remaining yardage from that point to the green. You can also touch any point on the green and view the distance between you and that point. ◆ Shot Distance Measurement The "Mark" function allows you to have a quick and precise shot distance for any shot. Simply press the Mark icon from your ball location, take the shot, then when you arrive at the landed ball will you see the distance of the shot. The Mark function can be used for the driver and for every other club as well. It really provides you with an excellent tool to know your distance for each club. ◆ Digital Scorecard for 4 Golfers and Game Analysis Replace your paper scorecard! The digital scorecard will automatically calculate the total score for you and your friends. You can know how you did on the front and back 9 holes easily. A summary of your round will also be presented with statistics and the score.We invite you to join the Advanced Membership! Download the FREE App now to get one course for FREE Lite Membership and VIEW worldwide course layouts with touch point positioning features and scorecards.We also invite you to join the Advanced Membership for $34.99 with an In-App purchase to download unlimited worldwide courses to use with your App! Free Upgrade for Advanced Members of Sonocaddie 1.0 AppIf you are already the Advanced Member of Sonocaddie 1.0, you are welcome to download this version for a FREE upgrade. The process is simple: download the app, open it and upgrade automatically in Sonocaddie 2. Please also give us a great rating if you like it. Thank you!

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Android 1.6.0 以上
Sonostar Inc.

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