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Just Shake Free Just Shake Free Just Shake Free Just Shake Free Just Shake Free Just Shake Free

Just Shake Free 描述

Let's use the smart phone easily by shaking.
· To play music, shake the phone(or put earphones to jack) and on music player with playing music.
· If you wanna listen next music, just shake and play.
· When you have a call, just shake and take.
· If you press volume-up key, next music is played.(volume-down key is prev.)
※ Music & Other Feature
· Running music player & Play music by shaking phone
· Skip music by shaking phone
· Running music player & Play music by putting earphones to jack
· Skip the music by pressing volume key(only available when screen is off)
· Running & Switching apps by shaking phone
· Music Reservation Stop
· On & Off vibration mode by shaking phone
· Manual Mode
※ Call Related Feature
· Answer call by shaking phone
· End call by shaking phone
· Ringing the bell, flip over the phone and be mute
· When call end, vibration alarm(prevent talking to oneself)
※ Notice
· Just Shake can be killed by Task Killer app. so you must except Just Shake from kill list of Task Killer Apps.(but Call Related Feature is never killed)
· If two music player is running, uninstall unused music player.
· some feature cannot be operated in some device. (answer and end call, Enable when screen is off..)
* this is a free version. so number of features available is limited to 10.(per day)(but call related features is not limited)
* if you have a question, please send me through email(bottom)

Just Shake Free 更新内容

* v4.0.0
· Restriction of the use of 7 days off[Perfect Free]
· changed Main Icon
· reported bug fix

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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