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Speed Van Zones Ireland Speed Van Zones Ireland Speed Van Zones Ireland Speed Van Zones Ireland

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The Speed Van Zones application uses the information provided on the Garda website to identify the areas where the GoSafe mobile Speed Camera Vans will be located around Ireland. It can be used simply to view the speed van zones on Google Maps and also to track the device’s location on the map. If warnings are enabled the application will warn the user when they come within a certain distance of one of the speed van zones. The application can be left open or it can be hidden leaving the TrackingService running in the background, which will warn the user when they approach a speed van zone.
Warnings take the form of a notification message which will appear in the the device’s notification bar and can be used to reopen the application if it is hidden. The device will vibrate, the default notification sound will play, and the LED (if one exists) will flash. The notification will disappear once the device is out of range of the speed van zone.
There is an additional function to search for a location and the map will display the speed van zones for that area which may be useful when planning a trip!
Internet access is required if you wish to view the maps, however this is not needed in order to receive speed van zone warnings. GPS is not essential but it is recommended for an accurate reading of the device location.
Certain application settings can be changed to the user’s preferences. Warnings may be turned on or off, and the frequency of GPS updates may be adjusted in order to preserve battery life. The default zoom level of the map can also be adjusted.
This application is free and contains no ads. It was developed for a college assignment so please leave feedback and comments about your experience using it, both good and bad. Also if you could submit bug reports for any problems that you have or send me a mail to the address below I would really appreciate it! :)

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Fixed bug with multiple notifications on long straight stretches of road.
Added in ability to select your own notification sound.

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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