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SplashID is the world's most trusted password storage system. For over 12 years, over one million users have kept their passwords safe with SplashID - and now it gets even better with an all-new version.
Think of SplashID as your personal vault or digital wallet on Android. You can store and lock sensitive information - not just usernames and passwords but credit card data, account numbers, registration codes, prescriptions, and much more.
Keeping your usernames, passwords, and bank account numbers in your head, on a Word or Excel file, or written on a piece of paper is unsafe. Passwords can be forgotten; laptops can be lost. With SplashID, your data is easily and quickly accessible, reliably stored, and - most importantly - secure.
Only SplashID offers:
- Access: Free, native, secure apps for mobile, desktop, web, and browser
- Choice of sync and storage: You decide how to store and sync your records with convenient cloud sync, local network Wi-Fi sync, or on-device storage
- Customizable record types and categories keep information organized
- Photo capture feature quickly and easily stores credit card information
- File attachments: upload photos, documents, and add notes to any record for reference
- Protection features include 256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication
- Secure sharing: Safely share records with other SplashID users or even those who don’t use SplashID
- Automatic SplashID Backup service to ensure data never gets lost
- Security dashboard provides usage statistics and tools to monitor and fix weak, reused, and old passwords
- Web autofill saves typing in usernames, passwords, and delivers the correct address from the secure data vault every time to prevent phishing
- Refer a friend to SplashID and you both receive a 25% discount on a SplashID Pro subscription
Lock your personal information up in a state-of-the-art data saver and feel comfortable knowing that at any time you can access private information safely.
No other password app delivers SplashID's combination of features, reliability, and security. Compare SplashID to others: http://splashid.com/personal/compare.html
The app is free to use with basic record storage functionality. A one-year subscription to SplashID Pro gives you many additional features like sync across devices, Security Dashboard and Automated Backup for just $19.99. It's auto-renewed at the end of the year, or easily cancelled. Refer a friend to SplashID, and you both get a 25% discount on SplashID Pro!
Note: SplashID requests permission to access your contacts data on install solely for the purpose of allowing you access to your own contact list when using the share records tool. We do not collect any contacts data.
SplashID的是世界上最值得信赖的密码存储系统。对于超过12年,超过100万用户一直保持自己的密码安全的SplashID的 - 现在它变得更好用一个全新的版本。
想想SplashID的作为Android上的个人保管或数字钱包。您可以存储并锁定敏感信息 - 不只是用户名和密码,但信用卡数据,账号,注册码,处方,等等。
保持你的用户名,密码和银行账户号码在你的头上,在Word或Excel文件,或写在纸上是不安全的。密码可以被遗忘;笔记本电脑可能会丢失。随着SplashID的,你的数据是方便,快捷地访问,存储可靠,以及 - 最重要的是 - 安全。
- 访问:免费,本地,移动,桌面,Web和浏览器安全应用程序
- 同步和存储的选择:你决定如何存储和便捷的云同步,本地网络的Wi-Fi无线同步同步您的记录,或设备上的存储
- 可定制的记录类型和类别保持组织的信息
- 照片拍摄功能,轻松快速地存储信用卡信息
- 文件附件:上传的照片,文档,并添加注释,参考任何记录
- 保护功能包括256位加密和双因素认证
- 安全共享:安全地共享与其他用户SplashID的,甚至那些不使用谁SplashID的记录
- 自动备份SplashID的服务,以保证数据永不丢失
- 安全仪表板提供使用统计和工具来监控和修复弱,重复使用,和旧密码
- 网页自动填充节省键入用户名,密码,并从安全的数据存储库每防止网络钓鱼的时间提供正确的地址
- 推荐给朋友SplashID的,你都获得25%的折扣在SplashID的专业版订购
没有任何其他应用程序的密码功能提供,可靠性和安全性SplashID的的组合。 SplashID的比较给别人:http://splashid.com/personal/compare.html

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  • Kent 2011年4月16日

    Good, but too expensive for desktop module.

  • Tony 2010年12月3日

    An excellent software which I've been using for several years at PalmOS platform. But this version can't handle Chinese character after sync. Sad.

  • Andy 2010年10月12日

    It doesn't support Chinese when sync from desktop.

  • HBC 2010年7月2日

    It can't support Chinese sync.