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Calvary Chapel Radio

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Calvary Chapel Radio Calvary Chapel Radio Calvary Chapel Radio

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Calvary Chapel Radio is a 24 hour, 7 Days a week Christian Radio Station consisting of expositional Bible teaching and praise and worship.
Calvary Chapel Radio’s pastors/teachers include Chuck Smith, Brian Brodersen, Bil Gallatin, Jon Courson, Ray Bentley, John Vickery, Rob Dingman & Matt Kottman to name but a few. We also have others outside of the Calvary Chapel fellowship of churches like Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Ken Ham plus a daily devotional presented by Richard and Dorothy Bennett.
The weekday schedule consists of half hour programmes of expositional Bible teaching from a wide variety of old and new testament books. Plus practical topics relevant to Christian living in today’s world. Our praise and worship programmes feature the best of today’s contemporary Christian music and hymns to help draw one’s heart and mind to the foot of God’s throne.
The aim of Calvary Chapel Radio is to provide high quality, sound expositional Bible teaching to any seeking to learn the deeper riches of God’s Word as they grow into a closer, more intimate relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Calvary Chapel Radio is powered by spodtronic, http://www.spodtronic.com

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