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AOPA Aviation Summit

AOPA Aviation Summit

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AOPA Aviation Summit AOPA Aviation Summit AOPA Aviation Summit AOPA Aviation Summit AOPA Aviation Summit AOPA Aviation Summit

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The Official AOPA Aviation Summit App - updated for the 2012 show!

With Sporty's free AOPA Aviation Summit app for Android phones and tablets, you'll have convenient access to all the information needed to get you ready to fly and attend this exciting aviation show in Palm Springs, California.

The app allows you to build a custom schedule for each day, and organize your favorite exhibitors by location. And locating exhibitors is a snap – just tap the booth number and you will instantly see a map pinpointing the exhibitor’s location in the exhibit hall.


• Show Information
-Exhibit Hall and Special Event Hours
-Registration Information
-AOPA Summit News Updates
-AOPA Twitter Feed

• Schedules
-Summit Schedule at a Glance
-Learning Experiences & Seminars
-American Bonanza Society (ABS) Schedule
-Special Events
-A Night for Flight
-Hands-On Flight Experiences

• Show Maps & Facilities Guides
-Palm Springs city map
-Convention Center map
-Exhibit floor map
-Aircraft Display information
-Hotel & Travel Information
-Palm Springs & Thermal airport pilot information
-AOPA Summit 2012 NOTAM

• Exhibitor List
- Alphabetically arranged with booth location
- Quickly locate each exhibitor’s booth location on the map
- Allows ability to group the exhibitors you want to see in a favorites list

• Favorites
- Organizes all your favorite schedule events and exhibitors in one central location

The 2012 AOPA Summit app works on Android phones and 7” & 10” tablets, including the Kindle Fire.

Developed by Sporty's Pilot Shop – The Best Pilot Supplies for Over 50 Years!

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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