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TimeClock Free - Time Tracker

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TimeClock Free - Time Tracker 描述

✓ A simple and easy way to track your billable hours, expenses and mileage
✓ Automatic cloud sync: your data is always safe even if your phone is lost or broken
✓ Generate invoices directly from your TimeClock data - or export as spreadsheet or html
✓ Sync across all your devices - including iPhone and iPad
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
TimeClock makes it easy to track your billable hours and expenses - and then use this data to generate invoices or spreadsheets. It's the perfect Android time tracker for freelancers, contractors, attorneys or anyone who bills clients by the hour.
TimeClock is:
* Simple and intuitive: you'll be tracking your billable hours and expenses within minutes of installing the app.
* Safe and dependable: on Android since 2009, TimeClock is rock solid and trusted by thousands of users around the world.
With your free TimeClock Connect account, you get:
* Instant, automatic back-up for peace of mind: no matter what happens your phone, your data is always safe and accessible online.
* Instant syncing with multiple devices - use your phone or tablet.
* A better way to view and manage your data: looking at data on your laptop or desktop is a lot easier than using a small mobile display.
* Optional invoice system: the easiest way to create professional looking invoices directly from your TimeClock data - no more spreadsheets! More information about invoices can be found below.
More Features:
* Set your hourly rate for each client and TimeClock will calculate your earnings.
* Round your work times by specifying an optional billing increment for each client - from one minute up to one hour.
* Flat fee activities are supported where the client is charged a fixed amount for a job regardless of the time worked.
* Track your time as you're working by clocking in and clocking out - or manually enter complete time records in the past or future.
* Powerful note entry/management capabilities.
* Track expenses along with your billable hours. Set up predefined expenses for recurring expense items. Manage and export your expenses from the app or from your TimeClock Connect account.
* Track Mileage Expenses by providing a mileage reimbursement allowance and then entering the distance traveled OR providing starting and ending odometer readings.
* View and edit all time records within the app. You can go back and change the start and end times, billing rate, notes - any field can be edited.
* Customize your spreadsheet export: you pick which data columns are exported, the order of the columns and the type of summary information.
* Each time record contains: client, notes and a secondary data field that defaults to "Project", but you can change this to whatever suits your business: Location, Task, Job etc.
* While working, you may quit the app or even turn off the phone - the time will be tracked until you restart the app and stop the timer.
* SD Card database backup / restore
* Note: TimeClock does not automatically calculate overtime nor does it support multiple simultaneous timers.
Invoice System Features:
+ Simple, easy to use web interface.
+ Create new invoices in just a few clicks using your time records and expenses synced from the app. You won't believe how quick and easy it is!
+ Payment tracking - including partial payments.
+ Bill for materials as well as labor - items can be taxed at different rates.
+ Complete invoice lifecycle history log for each invoice.
+ Customize your invoices with your company logo.
+ Download PDF files to print - or email them to clients from within TimeClock Connect.
+ Try it free for 30 days. Afterwards, it's only $5/month for unlimited invoices.
✓直接从您的时钟进度数据生成发票 - 或导出为电子表格或HTML
✓在所有设备同步 - 包括iPhone和iPad
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
时钟进度可以很容易地跟踪您的计费时间和费用 - 然后利用这些数据来生成发票或电子表格。这是为自由职业者,承包人,律师或任何完美的Andr​​oid时间跟踪谁按小时大钞客户。
    *即时与多​​个设备同步 - 用你的手机或平板电脑。
    *可选发票系统:最简单的方法,直接从您的时钟进度数据创建具有专业外观的发票 - 没有更多的电子表格!有关发票的更多信息可以在下面找到。
    *回合指定一个可选的计费增量为每一个客户的工作时间 - 一分钟到一小时。
    *跟踪你的时间,你被打卡和时钟进行工作 - 或者手动输入在过去或未来的完整的时间记录。
    *查看和编辑应用程序内的所有时间记录。你可以回去和改变的开始和结束时间,计费率,票据 - 任何领域可以进行编辑。
    *工作时,您可能会退出应用程序,甚至关闭手机 - 直到你重新启动应用程序,并停止计时器的时间将被跟踪。
    * SD卡数据库备份/恢复
   +付款跟踪 - 包括部分付款。
   比尔+物料以及劳动力 - 项目可以以不同的税率征税。
   +下载PDF文件打印 - 或者他们时钟进度Connect中通过电子邮件发送给客户。
   +免费试用30天。此后,这是无限的发票只有5 $ /月。

TimeClock Free - Time Tracker 更新内容

New in this release:
+ Support to sync with iOS version of TimeClock Connect
+ Inactive Clients and Projects are hidden by default in order to reduce clutter
+ Bug fixes
Thank you for using TimeClock.

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Android 3.1.0 以上
Spotlight Six Software LLC

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