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Phone Locator(Indian mobile)

Phone Locator(Indian mobile)

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Phone Locator(Indian mobile) Phone Locator(Indian mobile) Phone Locator(Indian mobile) Phone Locator(Indian mobile) Phone Locator(Indian mobile) Phone Locator(Indian mobile)

Phone Locator(Indian mobile) 描述

Locate the phone number of the caller on incoming call screen.

Note:- Its for Indian mobile numbers only.
Phone Locator is an application which shows you the detail information of the caller number on the call screen.
This application helps the user to identify the country and also the region of the caller in case of call from Indian number. It will show the region details where the number belongs if the number is from India. If the number belongs to a country other than India, then it will show the country name. This application will show you the mobile number location in case if the call is from a mobile number otherwise if the call is from a landline number, it will show you the area of the landline location in details. You can accept or reject the calls using buttons. You can also come to default call screen of the phone using back button of the phone.
Also you can trace any mobile number as well as std code in this application by just entering the mobile number or the std code. This application lets you set the call screen orientation as well as different settings related to call screen.
Some new mobile numbers might not show you the region as they are recently allocated to the providers and therefore not included in the application.Also because of mobile number portability (MNP) feature being launched in India, operator and GSM/CDMA information may not be correct for some numbers.
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Phone Locator(Indian mobile) 更新内容


Version 10(1.9) added extra support for small screen devices.

Version 8(1.7) contains the fix for the issue of caller image overlapping the screen on some specific handsets.

Thanks to users for reporting.

Note: You can also use back button to go to the native call screen.

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Phone Locator(Indian mobile) 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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