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Sprint Music Plus

Sprint Music Plus

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Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus Sprint Music Plus

Sprint Music Plus 描述

For a limited time only, we are delighted to offer a
FREE one month trial of our Ringback tone service plus a selection of
FREE Ringback tones! Anyone without a Ringback Tone subscription in the past 90 days is eligible for this exciting offer.
Sprint Music Plus is Sprint’s official Music Store and player for Music Tracks, Albums, Ringtones, and Ringback tones. A full-featured music player, manager, and store in one app! Millions of DRM-free Music Tracks and Tones updated daily. 5 for $5 full track credit bundles (save over 20%), 3 for $5 Ringtone bundles (save over 30%) and now 3 for $5 Ringback Tone bundles (save over 30%) – A monthly subscription that gives you credits to instantly purchase on the store. Free music is also available. Add the Sprint Music Plus widget for quick access to all your tunes.
** Not compatible with some rooted devices and the Nexus S/5 **
Sprint音乐Plus是Sprint的官方音乐商店和播放音乐曲目,专辑,铃声和彩铃。一个全功能的音乐播放器,经理,并存储在一个应用程序!数以百万计的无DRM限制的音乐曲目和音调每日更新。 5 5元全程跟踪信用捆绑(节省超过20%),3 5美元铃声束(节省30%),现在3 5元彩铃包(节省30%) - 包月,让您归功于立即购买在商店。 免费的音乐也可以。加入Sprint音乐加上小部件可快速访问所有你的音乐。
**一些根深蒂固的设备和Nexus S / 5不兼容**

Sprint Music Plus 更新内容

-Manage your library/play your music directly from your phone’s player
-New and improved menu and navigation make managing Ringback Tones on the go much simpler. Set your default, after hours tone, add to a Shuffle List or a specific caller
-New Shuffle List lets you to create a playlist of your favorite Ringback Tones that will play randomly to your callers
-Fixes issue with data connection
For additional questions, including syncing your old content, please visit www.sprint.com/sprintmusic

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影音播放 音乐
Android 2.1.0 以上

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