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Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™ Driver Feedback™

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Drive Smarter with State Farm® Driver Feedback™.
Driver Feedback is a free app that helps you self-assess your driving behaviors.
State Farm created Driver Feedback for drivers of all ages – from new drivers just starting out to seasoned professionals. Anyone can use this free app to find ways to improve their skills behind the wheel. No plug-in needed! Just lay your mobile device on a flat service or place it in a cup holder, hit record and start driving.
The app uses you phone’s accelerometer to measure and score three aspects of your driving behaviors: Accelerating, Braking and Cornering. Tips are offered to help you improve in these areas. The better you are at driving, the more you may be able to save on the wear and tear to your tires and vehicle.
State Farm does not collect your driving information, so the data recorded by the app will not affect your insurance rates. You don’t even need to be a State Farm customer to use Driver Feedback!
“One of 9 Cool Mobile Car Insurance Apps” - Alex Glenn, NerdWallet
Supports multiple users – fun for comparing your driving skills with your spouse or sibling.
Send trip results via email or SMS – great for parents of new drivers.
Compare two trips – see if your scores are improving.
View your trip in map view - see alerts for hard braking, sharp accelerating and harsh cornering.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
国家农场创建驱动程序反馈为所有年龄段的司机 - 新的驱动程序刚刚开始,以经验丰富的专业人员。任何人都可以使用这个免费的应用程序想办法提高自己的方向盘后面的技能。无插件需要!只要把你的移动设备上的平服,或将其放置在一个杯架,创下并开始驾驶。
“其中9酷派手机汽车保险应用程序” - 亚历克斯·格伦,NerdWallet
支持多用户 - 乐趣与你的配偶或兄弟姐妹比较,您的驾驶技能。
通过电子邮件或短信发送回结果 - 伟大的新驱动程序的父母。
比较两个旅行 - 看看你的分数提高。
查看您的行程在地图视图 - 查看警报硬刹车,锋利的加速和恶劣的转弯。

Driver Feedback™ 更新内容

Here’s what’s new in version 3.4.0 of Driver Feedback:
- Spreadsheet exports – you can now export trip reports and save or send via email or text
- Ability to prevent manually edited reports from uploading to your phone
- Bug fixes and other enhancements
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Android 4.4.4 以上

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