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TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart TeeChart

TeeChart 描述

Demo of the TeeChart charting and graphing Java library for Android.
Even if this demo application supports Android from v4.0.3 (API 15+), the TeeChart library supports Android from v2.1 (API 7+).
TeeChart is a tool for Android developers that adds charts to your Android application. TeeChart provides complete, quick and easy to use charting .NET, Java, ActiveX / COM, PHP and Delphi VCL controls for business, Real-time, Financial and Scientific applications.
This preview is intended to show some of the features that are available to developers. The Developer version is now available for evaluation at https://www.steema.com/downloads/java.
The release version of TeeChart for Android Charting component Library offers optional 100% sourcecode in Android Java (AWT/Swing and SWT formats are available too from Steema Software). It supports major Java programming environments including Eclipse, Sun NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Oracle JDeveloper.
The charting library offers 50 Java Chart styles (in 2D and 3D plus multiple combinations), 38 mathematical functions and 20 Chart tools components for additional functionality including dragging of series marks, annotation objects, cursors and manual trend lines, coloring bands, etc.
Charting styles:
Line (Tape), Points (Scatter XY and XYZ 3D Scatter), Area (Stacked and negative), FastLine (real-time speed), Horizontal Line, Bar and Horizontal Bar (Stacked and negative), Pie (Exploded, partial angle), Shape (Cube, Pyramid, Cylinder, etc), Arrow (Callout), Bubble, Gantt, Candle (Finantial OHLC High-Low), Donut (Exploded Doughnut), Volume (Stock), Bar 3D, Points 3D, Polar, Radar, Clock, WindRose, Pyramid, Surface (XYZ Grid Mesh), LinePoint, BarJoin.class, ColorGrid, Waterfall, Histogram, Error, ErrorBar, Contour (Contouring Levels), Smith, Calendar, HighLow, TriSurface (Voronoi triangulation of arbitrary XYZ points), Funnel, Box (Box Whisker), Horizontal Box, Horizontal Area, Tower, Point and Figure, Gauges, Vector 3D, Map (Mapping GIS), Bezier, Bar with Image, IsoSurface (Auto Leveled XYZ Mesh), Circular Gauge, Linear Gauge, Vertical Linear Gauge, Horizontal Histogram.
Feature Summary:
- 50 Chart styles (in 2D and 3D plus multiple combinations) including Gauges
- 38 mathematical functions
- 100% sourcecode for Android Java
- Run-time Editor, Gallery dialogs
- 20 Chart Tool components for additional functionality, like dragging series marks, annotation objects, cursors and manual trend lines, coloring bands, etc
- Multiple-axis support both horizontal and vertical
- Customisation of axis labels and legend items
- Great cosmetic properties for all texts and drawings
- Complete set of chart styles, both in 2D and 3D
- Live and animated zoom and scroll. Multi-touch and mouse wheel supported
- 2D and 3D
- Custom drawing canvas
- Extensive demos
- New improved Javadoc format help plus Tutorials
- Many new visual features, transparency, colour gradients, gray-scale.
Mathematical and statistical functions:
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, High, Low, Average, Count, Momentum, Momentum Division, Cumulative, Exponential Average, Smoothing, Custom User Defined, Root Mean Square, Standard Deviation (StdDeviation), Stochastic, Exponential Moving Average, Performance, CrossPoints, Compress OHLC, CLV, OBV, CCI, Moving Average, PVO, DownSampling, Trend, Correlation, Variance, Perimeter, CurveFitting,ADX, Bollinger, MACD, SAR, RSI, Histogram Function.
即使这个演示应用程序从V4.0.3(API 15+)支持Android,则于TeeChart库支持Android 2.1版从(API 7+)。
的TeeChart是Android开发人员,增加了图表到你的Andr​​oid应用程序的工具。于TeeChart提供了完整,快速,易于使用的图表.NET,的Java,ActiveX / COM,PHP和Delphi VCL业务,实时,财务和科学应用控制。
的TeeChart的为Android图表组件库的发行版本在Android中的Java(AWT / Swing和SWT的格式都可以从太软件Steema)提供可选的100%的源代码。它支持主流的Java编程环境包括Eclipse,NetBeans的太阳,IntelliJ IDEA的和Oracle JDeveloper。
线(带),点(散点图XY和XYZ三维散点图),区域(堆叠和负面的),快绳(实时速度),水平线,酒吧和单杠(堆​​叠和负面的),派(引爆,部分角) ,形状(立方体,金字塔,汽缸等),箭(标注),气泡,甘特图,蜡烛(Finantial OHLC高至低),甜甜圈(引爆圆环),音量(股票),酒吧3D,积分3D,极地,雷达,时钟,WINDROSE,金字塔,表面(XYZ网格网),错误,ErrorBar,等高线(轮廓加工级别),史密斯,日历,任意XYZ点LinePoint,BarJoin.class,ColorGrid,瀑布,直方图,HighLow,TriSurface(Voronoi图三角),漏斗,盒(箱晶须),水平盒,水平区,塔,点图,测量仪,矢量3D,地图(制图GIS),贝塞尔,酒吧与图片,等值面(自动拉平XYZ网),通函计,线性仪表,垂直线轨距,水平直方图。
- 50图表样式(在2D和3D加多种组合),包括仪表
- 38数学函数
- 100%的源代码为Android的Java
- 运行时编辑器,库对话框
- 额外的功能,如拖动系列的标志,注释对象,游标和手动趋势线,着色乐队等20图表工具组件
- 多轴同时支持水平和垂直
- 轴标签和图例项的客制
- 所有的文本和图纸伟大的美容特性
- 全套图表样式,无论是在2D和3D
- 真人与动画缩放和滚动。多点触摸和鼠标滚轮支持
- 2D和3D
- 自定义绘图画布
- 广泛的演示
- 新改进的Javadoc格式的帮助教程加
- 许多新的视觉特征,透明度,颜色渐变,灰度。

TeeChart 更新内容

- You can now change the Zoom Style through the editor.

TeeChart 历史版本

TeeChart 使用技巧

TeeChart 信息

摄影图像 美化
Android 2.1.0 以上
Steema Software



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