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Ten Most Wanted

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Ten Most Wanted Ten Most Wanted Ten Most Wanted Ten Most Wanted Ten Most Wanted Ten Most Wanted

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Ten Most Wanted is fashioned after the Christian Business Men's Connection (CBMC) Ten Most Wanted card. This card has historically been a physical card that you maintained and kept in your pocket or wallet. On this card can be found the names of ten lost souls (praying for their salvation) and five missionaries (praying for laborers). Well, we all know how quickly that physical card can get destroyed or lost! This application will allow you to maintain the Ten Most Wanted card digitally on your mobile device with some pretty useful additions that the physical card could never provide! It supports multiple prayer lists (that you can personalize), auto reminders to help you remember to pray, prayer guides to get you going (personalized with the names of those you are praying for), Contacts/SMS integration for easy communication with those you are praying for, English or Spanish language (keys off of your phones setting and location), moving your prayer lists between devices (keep same lists on phone, tablet, or other android devices), switch between landscape or portrait, and much more!. Never lose your card again! This application encourages you to pray for those whom God brings into your sphere of influence. Pray for the lost! Pray for the harvest! Pray for laborers to go out into the harvest fields! Want to change the world? Then Pray! Pray! Pray! - Just Do It!
十大通缉基督教商务男装的连接(CBMC)十大通缉卡后塑造。此卡在历史上一直是你维护和保存在您的口袋或钱包物理卡。在此卡上可以找到十迷失的灵魂(祈祷为他们的得救)和五个传教士(祈祷劳动者)的名称。好吧,我们都知道如何快速的物理卡可以被销毁或遗失!此应用程序将允许您以数字方式保持十大通缉卡和一些非常有益的补充,物理卡永远无法提供在移动设备上!它支持多种祈祷列表(您可以个性化),自动提醒,以帮助你记住祈祷,祈祷指导,让你去(个性与你祈祷的名称),联系人/短信集成,便于沟通与那些你正在祈祷,英语或西班牙语(关闭你的手机设置和位置的键),移动你的祷告清单设备之间(保留手机,平板电脑或其他Android设备相同的列表),切换横向或纵向之间,以及更多! 。永远不会再失去你的卡!此应用程序鼓励你祈求那些上帝带领进入你的势力范围。祈求丢失!祈求丰收!祈求劳动者就往丰收领域!想改变世界?然后祈祷!祈祷!祈祷! - 只管去做!

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