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Baby Easy ABC Lite

Baby Easy ABC Lite

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Baby Easy ABC Lite Baby Easy ABC Lite Baby Easy ABC Lite Baby Easy ABC Lite

Baby Easy ABC Lite 描述

- Learn and Play with Alphabets
- With quiz to match the Letters with Pictures
Baby Easy ABC Lite is an Educational learning application, Free and Fun English and Indonesian learning for babies, toddlers and young kids:
- Full ABC
- All alphabets
- No restrictions
- Simple quiz to match the Letters with Animal Pictures
- Slide bar to ease movement of the whole picture and alphabets
- Real sound and human pronunciation in English
- Real sound and human pronunciation in Indonesia
- Colorful animal pictures
Content is always updated bi-monthly (starting in 2012), any suggestions please email to: markuhas@gmail.com
Let your child learn English Alphabets in an easier way by relating each Alphabet with an animal and also its picture. Your kids will be occupied while also exploring the world of animals, learn their name and memorize the sounds of the alphabet.
Sounds interesting right?
We designed this application with our own children who gave us essential and sometimes quite critical feedback. They love the final application and we hope your kids will love it too.
Your child will love playing the application and you'll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun
This application is now optimized for both phones and tablets.Supports English and Indonesian language
Please do not judge us by the ads in this app. For apps without any add, please purchase the Full version.
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Baby Easy ABC Lite 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Upgraded the pictures with high quality animal pictures

- Added a slide bar to move easily through out the whole application

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Baby Easy ABC Lite 信息

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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