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HiDrive - Love it. Save it. Share it.
HiDrive gives you fantastic online storage for all your files: access them whenever you want, and share them with your friends – anywhere, any time. We also have a HiDrive app to give you access from your smartphone: just sign in with your username and password. Instantly open your photos, music, or documents directly from your HiDrive, email or upload them from your smartphone, and stream movies or listen to music while your download is underway.
New! - HiDrive Share Gallery
Your memories — beautifully presented. Upload your images from a PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet to HiDrive in a flash and experience your memories as a stunning photo gallery on your own homepage. A whole array of design templates is available for each photo album. The perfect image gallery for every need! With just a few clicks, you will be able to share your attractive photo albums with friends and family, and also have full control over who will be able to view your photos at all times. Your Share Gallery is also automatically optimised for display on Smartphones. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can view your photo albums on all common Smartphone models at any time while on the move
The HiDrive App enables you to:
• access your files anywhere in the world
• download all standard file formats from HiDrive and open them on your smartphone
• share your favourite experiences with friends as a photo gallery!
• safely access your files through an encrypted connection
• stream large files, such as, e.g. movies – instantly without waiting
• email large files of up to 25 MB, in any file format
• create share links and send them to your friends
• upload your files and back them up at our TÜV-certified data centers in Germany (in accordance with ISO 27001) – where they are secure in accordance with the German Data Protection Act
HiDrive - 爱它。省省吧。分享。
HiDrive给你梦幻般的在线存储您的所有文件:访问他们,只要你想要的,并与您的朋友分享 - 在任何地方,任何时间。我们也有一个HiDrive的应用程序,让您从您的手机访问:只需用您的用户名和密码。瞬间直接从您的HiDrive,电子邮件打开你的照片,音乐或文件或将它们上传从您的手机,和流电影或听音乐,而您的下载正在进行中。
新! - HiDrive共享图片库
您的回忆 - 赠送精美。从PC上传你的图片,苹果机,智能手机或平板电脑来HiDrive在一瞬间,体验你的回忆在自己的主页上令人惊叹的照片画廊。设计模板的整个阵列可用于每个相册。完美的图片库为各种需要!只需几次点击,您就可以与朋友和家人分享你的吸引力的相册,也有完全的控制权,谁就能在任何时候查看您的照片。您的共享图片库也会自动显示在智能手机进行了优化。由于采用了直观的界面,您可以随时查看,而在移动上的所有常见的智能手机机型您的相册
该HiDrive App,您可以:
•流大文件,诸如,例如电影 - 即刻无需等待
•高达25 MB的电子邮件大文件,任何文件格式
•上传您的文件和备份它们在我们的德国TÜV认证的数据中心(符合ISO 27001) - 他们是安全的,根据与德国的数据保护法

HiDrive 更新内容

A big thank you for the ton of comments and suggestions you all sent in. This update includes the following improvements:
• Music player
• Bug fixing and optimisations
Have fun with the App,
HiDrive Team

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Android 4.0.2 以上



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