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StubHub - Event tickets

StubHub - Event tickets

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StubHub - Event tickets StubHub - Event tickets StubHub - Event tickets StubHub - Event tickets StubHub - Event tickets StubHub - Event tickets

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Seats you'll love. From the day they go on sale to the day of the event. Get tickets to the games, concerts and theater shows you want to see – or sell them when you can’t go – right from the StubHub app. Our FanProtect® Guarantee means we back every order, so you can buy and sell tickets with 100% confidence.
• Recommendations: Let the fun find you with event recommendations based on your favorite artists and teams
• Artist, team and venue info: Learn about the artists, read ESPN articles and get Foursquare tips about the venue
• Price alerts: Tell us what you want to pay and get notified when we find tickets that match
• Mobile tickets: Get into events with your phone. Just scan your ticket at the venue – no need to print!*
• 4,000+ interactive maps: Filter ticket listings by section and see the view from your section before you buy on select venue maps
• Favorites: Add your favorite teams, artists and venues for quick access to upcoming events and more info
• Event categories: View events by category to discover events based on your interests or mood • Barcode scanning: Attract more buyers and keep your tickets listed for longer by scanning ticket barcodes when you list.*
• My tickets: View your mobile tickets, orders, listings and sales
*Available for selected teams and venues
座椅你一定会喜欢。从当天他们去销售事件的一天。获得门票的游戏,音乐会和戏剧显示您希望看到的 - 或者卖给他们的时候,你不能去 - 从一StubHub的应用程序。我们FanProtect®保证意味着​​我们回到每一个订单,所以你可以购买和出售有100%的信心票。
•移动门票:获取与您的电话事件。只需扫描你的分会场门票 - 无需打印*
•4000 +交互式地图:筛选票通过上市部分,并看到你的部分看法,你买选择场地地图前

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