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TwitRocker2 for Twitter

TwitRocker2 for Twitter

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TwitRocker2 for Twitter TwitRocker2 for Twitter TwitRocker2 for Twitter TwitRocker2 for Twitter TwitRocker2 for Twitter

TwitRocker2 for Twitter 描述

TwitRocker2 is a full-featured Twitter client for the next generation. The simple, powerful and flexible user interface makes it very easy for you to operate for a lot of twitter tasks.
Feature Highlights:
◆ (*1) Require the minimum permission, "network access" only
◆ Support both Portrait and Landscape
◆ Support multiple accouns
◆ Visibility setting and automatically refresh setting are available per Timeline.
◆ Thumbnail including Instagram. t.co links will be expand automatically.
◆ Multiple tweets selection to reply multiple users at the same time.
◆ Quick move to the timeline via local new tweets notifications.
◆ Quick move to home via menu button.
◆ Font size customization
◆ Filtering with words and users
◆ Support both Read It Later and Instapaper for links.
(*1) Please check the permissions of your installed twitter clients. Some of them can access private information, including your phone number or list of installed applications. Are they really required for a twitter client application? OK. TwitRocker2 needs only the "network access" permission.
Includes button icon materials by Joseph Wain, Dat Nguyen and www.theworkinggroup.ca.
Includes codes by Matt Legend Gemmell.
◆(* 1)需要的最低权限,“网络接入”
◆缩略图,包括Instagram的。 t.co链接将被自动扩展。
◆同时支持Read It Later的Instapaper的链接。
(* 1)请您安装Twitter客户端的权限。他们中有些人可以访问私人信息,包括电话号码或安装应用程序列表。他们真的需要一个Twitter客户端应用程序?确定。 TwitRocker2只需要“网络访问”权限。

TwitRocker2 for Twitter 更新内容

新版变化 [Fixed] ★ Fixed a bug related to Twitter API ver.1.1 [Changed] ★ Supported new Twitter API ★ Removed the "Public Timeline", "Retweets by You" and "Retweets by Others" features because of new Twitter API [Fixed] * Fixed some codes [Fixed] * Fixed a bug that statuses list is not scrollable on Android 4.x [Fixed] * Fixed a vulnerability. [Fixed] * Fixed a layout bug of retweeted tweet in tweet detail screen 了解更多

TwitRocker2 for Twitter 历史版本

TwitRocker2 for Twitter 使用技巧

TwitRocker2 for Twitter 信息

通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 2.2.x 以上

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