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RUSH online radio and TV

RUSH online radio and TV

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RUSH online radio and TV RUSH online radio and TV RUSH online radio and TV RUSH online radio and TV RUSH online radio and TV RUSH online radio and TV

RUSH online radio and TV 描述

RUSH Radio is a huge collection of popular radio broadcasting stations, which is constantly updated and growing. It includes radio broadcasting stations of counties in Eastern and Western Europe, North and South America – our free radio is available in almost every corner of the Earth. Listen to the online radio and discover new musical directions because RUSH Radio is on duty for music today.
Here, you will find the most popular radio broadcasting stations: Europa Plus, Russian Radio, Our Radio, Retro FM, Rock FM, Chanson, Auto Radio and other well-known stations. The directory contains conversational, childrenб news and folks (Armenian, Chechen, Crimean, Adyghe etc.) radio broadcasting stations.
Free features:
Favorites. Add interesting broadcasting stations in a separate list to quickly find the necessary wave.
Record. Save the air of a radio station to your device, and you can listen your favorite music being beyond the reach of network.
Alarm clock. Set the alarm clock inside the application to wake up with your favorite radio broadcasting station.
Sleep timer. Activate the auto switching out, and you can sleep peacefully without worrying about flat battery.
Own radio broadcasting stations. If there is no favorite wave in the application, you can always add it by knowing the link to the stream.
Own TV channels. You can add any TV channel yourself if your know it's stream link.
RUSH Radio is one of the few applications you really need and that you can permanently install in your mobile device. Huge selection of music suited to every fancy makes the application to be a viable alternative to an audio player. Switch on the radio broadcasting stations according to your mood – RUSH Radio made sure that everyone can find something of their own.
If you are the radio/tv owner or employee and you have any questions or offers please contact us by email.
RUSH Radio是一个很大受欢迎的广播电台,这是不断更新和不断增长的。它包括在东欧和西欧,北美和南美县广播电台 - 我们的免费无线电广播是在地球的几乎每一个角落。收听在线广播和发现新的音乐方向,因为RUSH电台今天值班的音乐。
•  收藏夹添加有趣的广播电台在一个单独的列表中快速找到所需的浪潮。
•  记录的一个电台的空中保存到您的设备,你可以听自己喜欢的音乐是超越网络的覆盖范围。
•  闹钟设置的应用程序内的闹钟与喜爱的广播电台醒来。
•  睡眠定时器启动自动切换出来,你可以安然入睡,而无需担心电池耗尽。
•  自有广播电台如果没有最喜欢的波,在应用程序,你可以随时通过了解链接到流添加它。
•  自有电视频道您可以如果您知道它的流链接添加任何电视频道自己。
RUSH收音机是你真正需要的几个应用程序之一,你可以永久安装在您的移动设备。巨大的音乐选择适合于每一个花哨的使应用程序是一个可行的替代方案音频播放器。根据你的心情打开收音机广播电台 - RUSH电台确信每个人都能找到属于自己的东西。

RUSH online radio and TV 更新内容

Fixed the issue with self stopped record when screen turning off or the app goes to background.
Fixed the issue when the deleted alarm don't disappear from the list.
Some other minor issues fixed.

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