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Generation Unleashed Generation Unleashed Generation Unleashed Generation Unleashed Generation Unleashed Generation Unleashed

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Welcome to the official GU application for the Android!
Listen to music & sermons on Bible passages or topics that interest you. After you’ve internalized the content, you’ can share it with your friends via Twitter or email.
Be sure to also download the City Bible Church app (www.Citybiblechurch.org) and the PursueGod app (www.PursueGod.com).
For more information please visit:

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Generation Unleashed (GU) is the youth ministry name, worship band and annual youth conference of City Bible Church. Fueled by a passion to lift up and make the name of God great, the GU’s number one priority is a commitment to building God’s house and serving the church.
The GU annual conference the end of January gathers around 8000 young people 12-24yrs old each year to pursue God together. Songs written by GU have been recorded and sung by many worship artists around the globe. The heart of the band is to write songs that could be sung by local churches and youth ministries worldwide. Generation Unleashed has released six live albums to date, most recently “Saving Power”, which was recorded and filmed live at the annual“Generation Unleashed” conference. Their sound would be best described as a high energy, guitar driven blend of passionate and expressive worship.
Generation Unleashed believes worship is more than just clever words and great music but is about people having a personal encounter with the Living God. Their desire is to build the local church and help others create a culture of worship in their own lives.
The GU app was created with The Church App by Subsplash.
App: © 2011 The Church App, Content: © 2011 Generation Unleashed. All rights reserved.
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