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Super Five Card Draw Poker

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Super Five Card Draw Poker Super Five Card Draw Poker Super Five Card Draw Poker Super Five Card Draw Poker Super Five Card Draw Poker Super Five Card Draw Poker

Super Five Card Draw Poker 描述

You're in Las Vegas to make a name for yourself and to win as much money and fame as possible! Arriving flat broke and virtually unknown, you must earn your way off the streets and into increasingly luxurious and challenging casinos that offer Five Card Draw, Texas Holdem and Blackjack. Discover items along the way that provide bonuses and add variations to every game - mixing game rules like No-Limit, Pineapple, Crazy Pineapple, Lowball, Royale, No-River, Hi-Lo, Double-Draw, 3 card Holdem and lots more. This is essentially a poker game with RPG and MMORPG elements, and includes both extensive singleplayer and/or multiplayer based progression - play how you like!
Game Features include:
**NEW 6/10** Multiplayer (open beta):
* Multiplayer includes 6 multi-wing Five Card Draw venues, weekly progression, items that enable house rules (like Lowball, Hi-Lo, Jackpots, Double-Draw etc), ELO rating, and lots more.
Singleplayer game:
* 17 different Five Card Draw poker venues and
* 14 Texas Holdem venues that increase in difficulty and rewards
* 3 venues offering Blackjack and Double Blackjack
* 180+ unique characters with individual AI, play-styles, stats and special moves (Note: A few characters appear dependent on what gender you play as and time of year)
* Win consumable items after every game. Consume these items for a temporary bonus in your next game(s). These bonuses stack so you can either use them immediately for a small bonus, or stockpile the items and use them all at once for larger bonuses.
* Regular Items drop off certain opponents after you defeat them. You can equip or consume these items for a special effect or sell them for cash. Unlike consumables, these regular items have different effects while equipped (examples are the Insurance Card which rewards you with 10% of your buy-in back if you lose a game, and the Hunter's Cap which ensures that opponents with a bounty will always show up).
* Earn luxury items that you can equip to change the game up. Examples of this are a monocle that turns all Texas Holdem venues from No-Limit to Limit, a Golden-Deck that gives you gold cards and allows you to choose how many decks to play with in Five Card Draw, the Badhand which turns all Hold'em venues into Lowball venues, and lots more!
* Meld items from different games together, for example the Gold Ring (which awards 50% more fame in Five Card Draw games) and the Platinum Ring (awarding 50% more fame in Texas Holdem) can be melded together to produce the Stardust Ring (awarding 100% more fame in both games).
* Loanshark Tino offers loans (but make sure to pay your debts on time!) and luxury items.
* Generate fame by defeating players (lose fame by being defeated, dependent on what order you go out)
* Climb the dynamic player-ranking ladder by winning cash
* Collect on bounties and defeat specific players for additional fame
* Stats give you insight to your play-style along with where you've been and what you've accomplished
* Retire with an ending tailored to your specific accomplishments in-game! Complete with high-scores list
* Earn titles for your character based on your performance in-game
* Upload your character's data to the website to see where you stand among everyone else!
* Game goes on forever..
* Lots of little secret stuff to find, including hidden venues, opponents and items..
You can leave a poker game and return at any time, in addition you may have up to 3 different characters at a time.
This game started as a homework assignment (just an algorithm for evaluating poker hands) and it ballooned over the last several years as I am continually adding new content. The initial game released with only 8 Five Card Draw venues and just a handful of opponents, and overtime I added more venues, blackjack, texas holdem, items, new opponents and AI to match all the potential house rule combinations, the bar and pawnshop, multiplayer, the website etc.. so if you ever get bored please check back later!
你在拉斯维加斯做一个名字为自己和赢得尽可能多的钱和名声越好!抵达身无分文,几乎未知的,你必须自己的方式在街头和进入越来越多的豪华和具有挑战性的赌场,提供五证抽奖,德州扑克和二十一点。发现沿着提供奖金和增加变化,以每场比赛的方式的项目 - 混合像无极限,菠萝,疯狂菠萝,虚报低价,皇家,无河,高低,双抽奖,3卡扑克和其它更多游戏规则。这基本上与RPG和MMORPG元素的扑克游戏,并包括广泛的单人及/或多人为基础发展 - 发挥你怎么样!
新** 6/10 **多人(公测):
* 17种不同的五证抽奖扑克场地及
* 14德州扑克的场地,增加难度和奖励
* 3个场地,提供二十一点,双二十一点
* 180 +与个别认可机构的唯一字符,播放方式,统计和特殊动作(注:有几个字符出现取决于你玩什么性别的和一年的时间)

Super Five Card Draw Poker 更新内容

3.63 - fixes transfers for some devices, screen issues and other bug fixes
3.6 is here! New Objectives, Smarter AI, New Titles and Items, Improved Features, Bug Fixes and more. Please see the website for full patch notes: http://www.superfivecard.com/patchnotes.php
If you run into any bugs or issues please let me know about them at sundown@superfivecard.com so I can fix them asap. Thanks very much!

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