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Episode - Community Messenger

Episode - Community Messenger

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Episode - Community Messenger Episode - Community Messenger Episode - Community Messenger Episode - Community Messenger Episode - Community Messenger

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Hang out with your friends on Episode!

Sure! Always!

Episode is an amazing group networking app where you can hang out with groups of friends that you really care about. Share gossips, funny photos and cool places with your close friends, family, lover and colleagues like you do everyday in your real life.

Hang out with your group with an all-in-one package that lets you message real-time with your group for your chit-chats as well as share photos, places and stories of exciting moments on group board.

Create various groups of your own and bring your mobile experience to a whole new level.

- Key Features -

1. Exclusive Groups for Just You and Your Friends
Groups are exclusive to the group members only. Contents of a group can only be accessed by the group members and the host of the group has full control over group invitations so you never have to worry about sharing and talking about more sensitive topics.

2. Unique Group Chat Experience
Exciting and instant group messaging experience that will take your breath away. Huff feature adds a little twist to conventional chatting by adding emotions to chat messages.

3. Share Photos and Places
Arrange a meet up on group board, recommend cool places for the meet up with “Share Place” and in case you get lost you can always point where you are with “I’m here!” feature. Make sure you take photos of the event and share them on the group board.

4. Personalize Your Profile
Create your own profile page with stylish backgrounds and express yourself with status and photo updates. Don’t forget to visit your friends’ profile pages to cheer them up and comment on them.

5. Friends on Episode
Group up with your friends on Facebook and contacts list. Remember that you both have to know each other to be friends on Episode so you don’t have to worry about some random guy bugging you with spams.

6. Facebook Connectivity
Episode provides an easy sign up process using Facebook Connect and it’s just a click away from sharing group contents on Facebook in case you want to share with people outside the group. Your group contents are private and exclusive to the group unless you explicitly share them on Facebook.

7. Episode is for Everyone Around the Globe
Episode is available in English, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. Episode is available on web for PC users as well.

If you have suggestions, questions or anything you want to say about Episode, please contact us at allears@episo.de. We are all ears for your feedback.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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