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SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial下载

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial

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SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial 截图

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial 描述

Male Mexican Spanish "Juan" voice for SVOX Classic Text-to-Speech Engine (trial)

Did you know that your mobile can speak Mexican Spanish?

Have Juan read aloud texts from your e-book, navigation, translation and other apps in a Mexican Spanish male, high quality and natural-sounding voice powered by SVOX.

When combined with TTS-enabled apps, Juan can:
- give directions, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while you're driving
- read a notification containing the caller / sender's name, and read the content of an incoming call / sms / mms / email
- read aloud your favorite e-books or pdf documents
- help you learn Mexican Spanish by reading aloud the correct pronunciation

and much more… the possibilities are limitless!

!!! TRY THEM ALL !!! All 40+ SVOX voices and 25+ languages are FREE during the first 2 weeks! Don't miss them!

NEW! Pronunciation correction feature: correct the default output according to your preferences!

Browse http://svoxmobilevoices.wordpress.com for a list of compatible apps and voice demos.

1. Install and run the voice app once

2. Install free SVOX Classic Text-to-Speech Engine

3. Go to Android Settings -> Voice Input & Output -> Text-to-Speech settings.
Activate SvoxClassic at the bottom of the screen.
Select SvoxClassic as the Default Engine.
4. Run the voice app, click “Continue”, then follow the instructions.
5. Your SVOX Voice main screen will be now visible. Don’t forget to try the new pronunciations correction feature (‘pencil’ icon)!
6. Download other free / paid apps to combine our voice with. For example, you could try: Google Navigation (on Android 2.2 and later, only with Navigation < 5.9), Moon+ Reader PRO, Voice Actions Plus, TalkToMe Classic, Book Speech Audio Books, Transzilla, Good Morning, WakeVoice...
Browse http://svoxmobilevoices.wordpress.com/faq/ for a list of frequently asked questions.
And now … enjoy your FREE 2 weeks trial with your new SVOX voice!

1. Run the voice app
2. Click on the ‘pencil’ icon. The pronunciation correction screen will now be shown.
3. Tap on the Android menu key and select ‘Help’

== NOTES ==

1. Google Navigation requires that the Text-to-Speech voice matches the phone language. You can change the phone language in Android Settings -> Language & keyboard -> Select language
Compatible with Google Navigation version < 5.9
2. On Android 2.1 and earlier, only some apps, like Google Translation, support changing voices.

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial 更新内容


- Resolved issue with the status bar notification that was always telling users to reinstall the application.

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial 历史版本

SVOX Mex. Spanish Juan Trial 信息

休闲益智 休闲
Android 2.1.0 以上
SVOX Mobile Voices

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