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TikTokVu (Clock Widget)

TikTokVu (Clock Widget)

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TikTokVu (Clock Widget) 截图

TikTokVu (Clock Widget) TikTokVu (Clock Widget) TikTokVu (Clock Widget) TikTokVu (Clock Widget) TikTokVu (Clock Widget)

TikTokVu (Clock Widget) 描述

TikTokVu(Clock Widget)
"Watch" Piet Mondrian Paint! Piet Mondrian-style painting has turned into a clock widget.
Reading the clock is simple: Each colored box represents an hour, while the horizontal and vertical lines represent the minutes - horizontal lines indicating 10 minute intervals, vertical lines indicating 1 minute intervals.
The lines and boxes will appear and disappear on the widget to display the time. At 12am/pm the image will be blank, adding lines and boxes as time goes by completing the image at 11:59am/pm.
You can choose to make the clock update automatically or manually by touching the screen to reload. If you choose update automatically, the pattern will change randomly every night at 12am. If you choose to update manually, the pattern will change every time you touch the screen to reload.
The widget comes in 2 different sizes: 4x3 and 3x2.
Credit: Joseph Chang, Sungyoon Kim, Hannah Lee

TikTokVu (Clock Widget) 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Compatible with Android 2.1 and above

(For those users who are updating the changes, you are recommended to remove all the existing widgets before the update and re-create them after the update)

TikTokVu (Clock Widget) 历史版本

TikTokVu (Clock Widget) 使用技巧

TikTokVu (Clock Widget) 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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