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Syncplicity云盘 Syncplicity云盘 Syncplicity云盘 Syncplicity云盘 Syncplicity云盘 Syncplicity云盘

Syncplicity云盘 描述

Syncplicity is an easy-to-use, enterprise-grade file sync and share solution that gives you access to all your files on all your devices, online or offline, with no hassles. By combining our highly secure solution with a rich mobile, web and desktop experience, you get to collaborate inside and outside your organization easily. All while giving IT professionals the security, manageability, and control they need.
• Access all your files in any of your folders on any device with no extra steps
• Securely share files and folders, inside and outside the organization
• Sync file changes across all devices in real time so documents are always protected and available on across all platforms and devices
• Access your SharePoint sites from your mobile device
Immersive User Experience
• Enjoy a beautiful, 100% native user interface optimized for your device
• New “sheet-based” navigation makes finding and accessing files easy
• Manage files and folders: create, delete, copy, and restore anything, anywhere
• Mark folders and files as “favorites” to gain automatic offline access via the industry’s only mobile “push” synchronization
• Upload multiple photos, videos, documents, or any other files directly from your device to any Syncplicity folder
• Quickly access key features through contextual menus on files and folders
Easy and Secure Sharing and Collaboration
• Share files with shared links (All Editions) or with optional password protection and restricted recipients using secure shared links (Business and Enterprise Editions only)
• Track shared file download activity (All Editions) including location-based information (Business and Enterprise Editions only)
• Follow files, folders, and links to stay informed when content changes with our newly designed Activity Feed
• No file size limits
Mobile Access to Microsoft Office Documents and PDFs
• Securely open Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and PDF files right inside the Syncplicity app (All Editions)
• Edit Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and annotate PDF files right inside the Syncplicity app (Business and Enterprise Editions only)
• Deliver Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with transitions and animations directly from your mobile device (All Editions)
Increased Productivity with Syncplicity Insights™
• Get prompted to send uploaded documents and pictures to meeting attendees without having to create a separate email
• Get notified on the most active folders in your account
• Get notified when a user has not downloaded a shared link
Your files are safe with the industry’s most robust enterprise-grade security and controls:
• Syncplicity encrypts files in transit and on devices with AES-256 encryption
• Users or IT can wipe user account and folder content when a device is lost, stolen or an employee leaves an organization without requiring a mobile device management solution
• Set optional passcode for protection and configure the mobile device to optimize data plan, battery life and prevent open into third party apps
• Set policies for mobile account access and folder/file sharing for users and groups (Business and Enterprise Editions)
Get started with a free 10 GB Personal Edition account or try our Business or Enterprise Editions for 30 days for FREE.
移动接入到Microsoft Office文档和PDF
•安全地打开Microsoft Office文档(如Word,Excel和PowerPoint)以及PDF文件的Syncplicity应用程序内的权利(所有版本)
•编辑Microsoft Office文档(如Word,Excel和PowerPoint)和注释PDF文件的Syncplicity应用程序内的权利(商业版和企业版只)
•从您的移动设备交付Microsoft PowerPoint演示文稿与过渡和动画直接(所有版本)
开始使用免费的10 GB的个人版账号或尝试我们的商业版或企业版30天免费。

Syncplicity云盘 更新内容

• Enhanced folder sharing controls allow a folder owner to determine which recipients are allowed to re-share that folder.
• Added roundtrip file editing support, using the Android navigation drawer.
• Bug and crash fixes.

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