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SysAid CSS Mobile SysAid CSS Mobile SysAid CSS Mobile SysAid CSS Mobile SysAid CSS Mobile

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SysAid CSS Mobile enables you to manage your service desk from your Android.
Manage your service desk when you’re on the go!
SysAid CSS Mobile App enables you to respond to service requests anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re on the road or simply away from a computer, SysAid CSS Mobile App gives you the flexibility you need to deliver superior help desk support anywhere, any time.
With SysAid’s trademark simplicity and ease-of-use, SysAid CSS Mobile App allows you to:
● View service requests and messages directly from your mobile
● Update service requests fields, such as: status, priority, urgency, activities, and due date
● Create and receive new service requests
● Manage your accounts and contacts details
● Easily filter the service request list per field
● Customize the lists and forms throughout the mobile app
● Easily navigate between views in an interface that’s specially designed for your Android
SysAid CSS Mobile App is a free application for SysAid CSS Customer Service Software. SysAid CSS is specially designed to help you manage your service desk, work more efficiently, and increase customer satisfaction. Its suite of fully-integrated modules includes Service Desk/ Help Desk, Self Service Portal Reports & Analysis, Projects & Tasks, SLA, Process management, Chat, Knowledge Base, and more. With scalable editions for companies of any size, SysAid enables customer service departments to maximize the success of their support center.
Experience the ultimate customer service management in a mobile world.
For more information about SysAid CSS Mobile App, please visit www.sysaidcss.com/android

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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