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WiFi File Manager (Free)

WiFi File Manager (Free)

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WiFi File Manager (Free) 截图

WiFi File Manager (Free) WiFi File Manager (Free)

WiFi File Manager (Free) 描述

WiFi File Manager

Wi-Fi File Manager / File Explorer (Free Version)

Manage files on your Android Device via WiFi through any web browser on your local network via a simple, clean, Web interface. Small and lean app. Runs as service. When running see it in the notification tray.


1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your Android device.

2. Run the app.

3. Browse http://IP address of Android:8080 (The app tells you).

Upload, download, stream or delete files. Create or delete directories.

Multi-file upload/download: Now supports ZIP file upload (asks on upload if you would like to unzip) plus option to create a zip file from a list of selected files. Note: Compressing files is CPU intensive, very large files may take a while if you have a slow device.

Configuration options (Menu -> Settings):

1. Port. Default is 8080. (Anything less than 1024 requires root.)

2. File downloads go to to new window Y/N. Default is Y.*

3. Use Default Directory (Y/N) / Default directory to use (/sdcard).

4. Use Password protection (Y/N) / Password to use (default is 'password').

* With downloads in the same window this application acts like a simple web server. Simply put the files for your website on your sdcard and point your browser at the HTML file(s), e.g.


1. Only files in /sdcard are usually writable.

2. Be sure your WiFi and/or phone sleep policy suits you. Configure in Settings -> Wireless/Networks -> WiFi -> [Advanced].

3. Only works on your own local WiFi network. Please don't expect it to work through firewalls or different networks.

** Free version limited to 50Kb upload / download file size.

WiFi File Manager (Free) 更新内容


Added multi-file (as ZIP) upload and download.

WiFi File Manager (Free) 历史版本

WiFi File Manager (Free) 使用技巧

WiFi File Manager (Free) 信息

系统工具 WiFi
Android 2.1.0 以上

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