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Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book

Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book

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Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book Noah’s Ark: Bible Story Book

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Sensational, interactive, biblical story of Noah’s Ark comes alive for kids! Fantastic animation makes this biblical tale a remarkable reading experience! Gorgeous HD illustrations of Noah’s Ark & the animals enhances a beloved bible story
What's inside Noah’s Ark - Bible StoryBook for Kids:
★ Help Noah and his sons as they build the Ark
★ Help the animals board the ark
★ Turn off the light and guess which animal makes a sound
★ Navigate the Ark in the ocean at the time of the flood
★ Send out the dove and help Noah find land
★ Help the animals get off the ark and roam the new land
★ Help Noah's family build a new home
★ Fun and educational activities to keep your child and the entire family engaged.
Noah’s Ark Bible Storybook brings an interactive, educational experience to the famous biblical tale of Noah’s Ark and the rain that lasts for 40 days and 40 nights. God warns Noah that there is going to be a great flood and that he must build an ark to save his family and the world’s animals. In this rich, educational, and engaging story, kids will meet Noah and his sons as they build an ark and help the animals on board. After the storm, Noah sends out a dove in search of dry land and a new place to start life again. Found in scripture, this biblical tale of God warning Noah to build an ark and save the animals because a flood will occur is a religious school and childhood classic. Kids from pre-school through elementary school will adore this story.
Clever animal sound effects, beautiful illustrations and a captivating storyline will make Noah’s Ark Bible Storybook for Kids a family favorite!
Noah’s Ark - Bible StoryBook for Kids Features:
★ Beautiful HD illustrations and a rich narrative on every page
★ “Read to Me” - automatically reads each page of the story to you
★ “Read it Myself” - allows you to control the reading yourself
★ “Auto Play” - automatically reads the entire story to you
★ Help the animals board the ark – learn each animal's name and sound
★ Navigate the Ark in the ocean at the time of the flood – storm though the rain
★ Send out the dove and help Noah find land – watch a beautiful sunrise & rainbow appear
★ Numerous engaging, fun animations on each page create an enchanting reading
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什么是诺亚方舟内 - 圣经故事书为孩子:
诺亚方舟 - 圣经故事书为孩子特点:
★“读给我听” - 自动读取这个故事的每一页你
★“读自己” - 可以让你控制自己读书
★“自动播放” - 自动读取整个故事给你
★帮助动物登上方舟 - 学习每个动物的名字和声音
★导航方舟在洪水的时间海洋 - 虽然风暴雨
★送出去的鸽子,并帮助找到诺亚土地 - 观赏美丽的日出与彩虹出现
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