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Geotag Photos Lite

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Geotag Photos Lite Geotag Photos Lite Geotag Photos Lite Geotag Photos Lite Geotag Photos Lite Geotag Photos Lite

Geotag Photos Lite 描述

Professional geotagging solution - all you need to geotag photos taken by your EXTERNAL camera (DSLR or compact one). Supports JPG & RAW file formats.
* Pixelmania.nl award (Android version) *
* Macworld - Geotagging App Of The Year 2010 (iPhone version) *
* PhotoPlus magazine BEST ON TEST Award! (iPhone version) *
 ● See Geotag Photos video at http://bit.ly/9cwRdA
 ● English, German, French and Czech localization!
This Lite version supports all functions of full version, except automatic logging. You can enable automatic logging for 3 days to try it.
  ● complete geotagging solution - Android application for automatic storing of location data & desktop application for geotagging of pictures. No need to purchase another desktop app!
  ● can run on background with Android phone in sleep mode
  ● Android application - tracking of your position, multiple logging modes, working in sleep mode, displays logged track on the map
  ● Export to GPX standard format - 3 ways how to do this: saving on memory card, by email or from web. No need to have internet or wifi connection for GPX export!
  ● Geotagging desktop application - Geotag your JPG or RAW files - quick and easily!
  ● works perfectly on any operating system - Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux
  ● supported image formats for geotagging: jpg, nef, cr2, crw, dcr, ciff, erf, orf, k25, kdc, mef, mrw, nrw, pef, raf, tif, tiff, raw, arw, rw2, srf, sr2, srw, x3f, dng
This Android app works like GPS Data Logger - it logs your positions during your trip. There are various logging modes, that will fit your needs - continuous mode logs your every change and is best if you need most accurate data, from the other hand time based logging (logs position every few minutes) saves your phone battery.
When you return from your trip, you can synchronize logged data with our desktop application and geotag photos taken by your camera. We support both amateur cameras (compact) and professional ones (DSLR). We also supports geotagging of various RAW formats (.NEF, CRW, CR2 and others). You can also export your logged data to well know and widely used GPX format - in this new version is NOT NECESSARY to upload data to remote server, you have your GPX files always prepared and can find them on phone memory card or you can send them from your phone by email.
few ideas how to use Geotagged photos:
- use Places function of modern viewing applications (Picasa, iPhoto, Aperture) to see your photos on map
- find your photos by place (for example find quickly all photos from New Your in your Photo library)
- upload Geotagged photos to social sites (flickr.locr or so)
Let us know what you would like to see on the next version – we’ll be happy to look for ways to implement it for you!
Visit our website for more information! Visit our blog at http://www.geotagphotos.net/blog for news.
- Android 1.6 or above with GPS chip (most of devices)
- operating system with Java 1.6 installed (it is already installed on Mac OS X 10.6, free for download for Windows / Linux). Doesn't work with non-intel Mac OS X 10.5.
q: how much it will drain my battery?
a: depending on logging mode, that you choose and on concrete device. If you choose reasonable logging mode (like to get position every 10 minutes or so), phone battery will be enough for more than day.
q: will it work abroad, if I don't have roaming?
a: yes, but it can take longer time before it gets the first position (especially after first usage after your travel by plane). No internet data connection is required for logging
q: what can I do, if I need help?
a: we have very fast support - just write us email at support@tappytaps.com and we will reply you within a day (but usually faster).
专业地理标记解决方案 - 所有你需要采取地理标记您的外部相机(DSLR或紧凑1)照片。支持JPG和RAW文件格式。
* Pixelmania.nl奖(Android版)*
* Macworld大会 - 地理标记的应用程序的2010年度(iPhone版)*
*的PhotoPlus杂志最佳ON TEST奖! (iPhone版)*
●完整的地理标记解决方案 - Android应用程序的位置数据和对照片地理标记功能的桌面应用程序的自动存储。无需购买其他桌面应用程序!
●Android应用程序 - 跟踪你的位置,多种日志模式,在睡眠模式下工作时,记录显示在地图上赛道
●导出到GPX标准格式 - 3种方式如何做到这一点:节省内存卡,通过电子邮件或网页。无需对GPX出口互联网或WiFi连接!
●地理标记的桌面应用程序 - 地理标记您的JPG或RAW文件 - 快速和容易!
●完美的作品在任何操作系统上 - 在Windows,Mac OS X和Linux的连
这个Android应用程序就像GPS数据记录器 - 它在旅途中记录你的位置。有各种记录模式,将满足您的需求 - 连续模式记录您的每一个变化,是最好的,如果你需要最准确的数据,从基础的另一方面的时间记录(日志位置,每隔几分钟)保存你的手机电池。
当您从您的旅行回来,你可以同步记录的数据与我们的桌面应用程序和地理标记所采取的相机拍摄的照片。我们支持业余相机(紧凑型)和专业的人(DSLR)。我们还支持各种RAW格式(.NEF,CRW,CR2和其他)地理标记。您还可以将记录数据导出到熟知和广泛使用GPX格式 - 在这个新版本是没有必要的数据上传到远程服务器,你有你的GPX文件,时刻准备和随时可以找到他们的手机内存卡,或者你可以向他们发送从您的手机电子邮件。
- 现代查看应用程序(Picasa时,iPhoto中,光圈)使用场所的功能,看看你的照片在地图上
- 通过地方找到你的照片(例如快速找到从新您在你的照片库中的所有照片)
- 上传地理标记的照片到社交网站(flickr.locr左右)
让我们知道你想什么,在下一版本看到的 - 我们将很乐意寻找方法来实现它为你!
- 安卓1.6或以上的GPS芯片(大部分设备)
- 操作系统安装了Java 1.6(它已经被安装在Mac OS X 10.6,免费下载的Windows / Linux的)。不与非英特尔的Mac OS X 10.5的工作。
答:我们有非常快的支持 - 只要给我们发电子邮件,在support@tappytaps.com,我们会回复你一天之内(但通常更快)。
*排除APP从任务管理器KILL LIST *

Geotag Photos Lite 更新内容

Version 3.7
- improve algorithm for saving GPS position
- notification when signal GPS is lost, or when timezone is changed
- now it is possible re-upload trips to server
- add default email for sending GPX files
- fixed several bugs
- more than 10 small improvements
** Please rate us on Android Market if you like this app. It will help us to prepare future updates with new features! ***

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Android 1.6 以上
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