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Taptu Guardian Environment

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Taptu Guardian Environment Taptu Guardian Environment Taptu Guardian Environment Taptu Guardian Environment Taptu Guardian Environment Taptu Guardian Environment

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Taptu Guardian Environment App is a social news reader dedicated to the environment.
It puts all the news from the most popular environmental web sites and blogs with a spotlight on the Guardian’s Environment section into one beautiful little app. Find a news article, a photo or a stream you like? Share it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email or save it for later using Instapaper and Read it Later.
If you'd like to get in touch or need help, we are just a ping away at: @TaptuGreen or mytaptu-iphoneapp@taptu.com
== Features ==
= Getting Streams =
* Finding Streams to Personalize the Taptu Guardian Environment: Plunge into our Environment News and you'll discover streams of your favorite blogs and news sources around the environment
= Environment DJ =
* Curate Your Own Mixed Streams: You can edit or DJ your own mixed streams for environmental news. Think of it as creating a playlist for your favorite content. You can build a stream from scratch, select and merge your favorite feeds from the list of available streams. You can even share your streams with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email.
* Search in Streams: Have you added the Food stream and you want to find "vegetarian”? You can now search in any stream. What’s more you can save your search as a new Search Stream allowing you to follow all the things for “vegetarian” as they comes out.
= Viewing and Interacting with Streams =
* Two Ways to View - Quick View and Full Story View: Grab a quick summary of the news article or tap to read the full story.
* Share with Friends: Discover a story you're into? Share it with your friends by posting it on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or by sending them an email. You can even save it for later using Instapaper or Read it Later.
* All types of Widgets: Lists, Cards and Stack widgets, even scrollable on Ice Cream Sandwich and Honeycomb. Customize the size, the color, the frequency they update.
== Feedback ==
Thanks for all of your feedback! If you'd like to get in touch or need help contact us on: @TaptuGreen or mytaptu-iphoneapp@taptu.com
For all the latest news & exciting updates follow us on:
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/MyTaptu
Twitter - http://twitter.com/taptu
Taptu Homepage - http://www.taptu.com

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