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Grenade Whistle Free

Grenade Whistle Free

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Grenade Whistle Free Grenade Whistle Free

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Yo! Sometimes you out at the club, it's last call, and you scrambling to grab some girls that are DTF to take back to the crib. When then lights come on, your eyes adjust and you realize, "Dayum, we got grenades!".

Don't sweat it bro, just grab the Jersey Shore Grenade Whistle Android app and sound the alarm. Your boys will hear it and immediately disarm the grenade.

We got the battle field under control, whether you're facing grenades, hippos, landmines, or dirty hamsters. We are trying to promote a Grenade Free America! Join us in the fight!


2 sounds and 1 color available. For more please checkout our full version!


What our fans are saying about the Grenade Whistle:

"My life is complete!! I just found "THE GRENADE WHISTLE" app on my phone!! Now I need to go out and test it."

"Just got the grenade whistle app on my phone. Greatest thing ever."

"Lmaooooooo at the craziness in the barbershop we hooked up my grenade whistle app to the speakers when this grenade walked in!!!!"

For more information become a fan on Facebook at facebook.com/grenadewhistle or follow us on Twitter @grenadewhistle.

If you have a Droid 2 or Droid X and are having issues please email us at support@tapular.com.

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Added an additional free color! ITALIAN FLAG now available for free!

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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