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SecretCall Free SecretCall Free SecretCall Free SecretCall Free SecretCall Free

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There is no experience or have a tree or brute was "incoming" from a woman or another man or with her boyfriend when I enter ...?
This phone is a pain setting but individually! Want to keep silent or always. . .
I hope you are silent, we are coming into full view of the screen. . .
It is active in the scene I "SecretCall" this.
This app when an incoming call from telephone number that had been specified in advance, will trigger the following functions automatically.
1, the silent ring tone! !
Once you have silent set to ON, the phone number you register within the app is because it becomes silent,
Called party becomes that there is no sound.
Other than the specified phone number will remain because the configuration of devices, important phone can properly grasp.
2, to hide the screen for incoming calls! !
Incoming screen will be black if you put ON the hidden screen incoming calls.
Password input screen will be displayed in the state of incoming hidden When you tap the screen,
The screen returns to the original call by entering a password that had been specified in advance. (Is ready to respond)
If you want to black the screen again, you can hide the screen to shake the incoming terminal.
Since the above function can be set to every phone number, you can select the appropriate one depending on another scene.
Feature Details
• Enabling SecretCall
Set whether to run this app when the user receives a call.
· Active at startup
When set to ON, this application will be enabled automatically when you start the terminal.
Re-set and OFF screen incoming
When set to ON, re-setting behavior of incoming hidden screen "Shake" after releasing the hide once the incoming call screen is enabled.
SecretCall User Registration
Select the user you want to target from the phone book, you can register.
By tapping the icon that is displayed on the left side of the list, switch the ON / OFF is possible.
• Setting the password
This is the password used to unlock the screen incoming non-display state.
※ This application, such as call history, rewriting of the other data is not performed.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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