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Thrace Wine Route

Thrace Wine Route

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Thrace Wine Route Thrace Wine Route Thrace Wine Route Thrace Wine Route Thrace Wine Route Thrace Wine Route Thrace Wine Route

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•You can reach the Thracian vineyards within an hour-and-a half of tour-hour drive from Istanbul. •The wine tour helps you get in contact with the places to visit and provides opportunities to meet the producers and be informed about the local production. So, you can leave with richer memories about the places you visit. •You can get the chance of knowing the rich Thracian cuisine through the rich special menus offered in and around the vineyards and the wineries. •You get in touch with earth spending a whole nice day within the vineyards. •You can track along the special paths in Kırklareli and Şarköy and enjoy the view. You can also trace the history of the region in woods and on mountains. •You can participate the activities such as paragliding in Uçmakdere and wind-surfing in Şarköy. •You can scuba-dive in Saroz of Gallipoli Route, and in Gaziköy and Uçmakdere of Şarköy Route. •You can follow the paths of the Thracians, the Byzantines and the Ottomans; and discover the historical sites. •You can get the chance to know different Thracian flavors; taste them in-situ and purchase from the producers. You can visit the dairy farms to meet the rich cheese culture of Thrace. You can get local products in villages as olives, olive oil, goat cheese, local bread, fresh eggs, and molasses. The vineyards you visit will guide you through these local opportunities.

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