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TonePrint 描述

Get musical inspiration in a new and totally cool way! Simply ‘beam’ a bit of magic through the speaker of your Android device and directly into the pickup of your guitar. Add fuel to your creative fire!
The TonePrint Concept
TC Electronic offers a wide selection of ‘TonePrint® enabled’ guitar pedals that allow you to upload custom tones created by some of the best guitarists alive. These artists had access to any effect parameter imaginable – not just the ones represented by physical knobs. Therefore,
TonePrints sound just the way each artist wanted the pedal of his or her dream to sound like.
*** Note! Your Pedal May Need a Firmware Update (tcelectronic.com/software) ***
TonePrint App Main Features
- Beam any TonePrint in Seconds
- Fast. Flexible. Intuitive.
- Completely Free of Charge – Not Based on inApp Purchases
- Cached files – No Internet Access Required
- No Extra Cables Required
- Browse TonePrints by Pedal, Artist, Featured or Date
- Collect Favorite TonePrints for Super-fast Access
- Constantly Updated with New, Amazing TonePrints
- Artist Bonus Content – Videos, Images, Interviews, etc.
What they say about TonePrint!
“Every once in a while, you plug into a pedal, and, suddenly, you’re transported to Tone Paradise. That’s the Hall of Fame Reverb. This is one of the smoothest, most cinematically musical reverb pedals I’ve ever heard. I’d have no problem dumping my fancy convolution reverb plug-ins in the studio, and use this pedal to process vocals, drums, percussion, strings, and more. I’m so taken with the Hall of Fame that I call it the “Motivator,” because every time I plug into it, its sounds inspire me to create new riffs and melodic lines.”
- Art Thompson (Guitar Player)
”Once the TonePrint is installed you’ll hear the way that particular artist wanted his pedal sound. It’s a great idea, works like a treat and indeed has loads of potential. The TonePrint concept is much more than a clever marketing idea. It’s a real treat to be able to play with the sounds that inspire some of these amazing players.”
- Dan Steinhardt (Guitar Buyer)
“My new favorite delay is TC Electronic’s TonePrint delay pedal that they just came out with; the reason why it’s my favorite is because they let me go in and design the parameters of what I wanted. It was fantastic!”
- Steve Morse (Deep Purple)
“TonePrint pedals give players the ability to explore sonic modifications on a whim and get a quick dose of inspiration.”
- Charles Sauflay (Premier Guitar)
“I like the idea that, using mystical TonePrint cyber-voodoo, I could set the range of each knob in such a way that each of those three sounds would be easy to access in real time, by turning each knob to an obvious setting like "12 o'clock" or to "all the way up". This way, you get a decent variety of tones at your disposal, all from a single pedal - and you can switch from one tone to another in a matter of moments.”
- Guthrie Govan (about his TonePrint for Corona Chorus)
TonePrint Artists
- John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
- Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big)
- Steve Morse (Deep Purple)
- Ron ’Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns ’n’ Roses)
- Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)
- Orianthi (Michael Jackson)
- Guthrie Govan (Asia)
- Plus many others…
- …and the list is ever-expanding!
TonePrint Enabled Pedals
- Flashback Delay & Looper
- Hall of Fame Reverb
- Corona Chorus
- Vortex Flanger
- Shaker Vibrato
Please note that your pedal may require a software update to receive TonePrints as beams. Check www.tcelectronic.com/toneprint-app for details.
TC公司提供了多种选择的'TonePrint®启用“吉他踏板,让你上传一些活着的最好的吉他手创建的自定义铃声。这些艺术家曾获得任何效果参数想象 - 不仅仅是通过物理旋钮所代表的那些。因此,
*** 注意!你的踏板可能需要一个固件更新(tcelectronic.com/software)***
- 在几秒钟梁任何TonePrint
- 快速。灵活。直观。
- 完全免费的 - 不是基于inApp购买
- 缓存文件 - 无Internet访问所需
- 无需额外电缆
- 浏览TonePrints踏板,艺术家,精选或日期
- 收集收藏TonePrints的超快速访问
- 不断更新与新的,惊人的TonePrints
- 艺术家奖励内容 - 视频,图片,访谈等。
- 艺术汤普森(吉他手)
- 丹·斯坦哈特(吉他买家)
史蒂夫 - 莫尔斯(深紫)
- 查尔斯Sauflay(总理吉他)
“我喜欢用神秘的TonePrint CYBER-巫术,我可以设置每个旋钮的范围内以这样一种方式,每个这三个声音会很容易的实时访问,通过转动每个旋钮是一个显而易见的设定的想法“12时”或“一路上涨”。这样一来,你会得到一个体面的各种色调的在您的处置,从单一踏板 - 你可以从一个音调在瞬间的事切换到另一个“。
- 格思里戈万(他TonePrint电晕合唱)
约翰 - 彼得鲁奇(梦剧院)
保罗 - 吉尔伯特(大先生)
史蒂夫 - 莫尔斯(深紫)
- 罗恩“禽掌”沙利度胺(枪'N'玫瑰)
- 道格·奥尔德里奇(Whitesnake的)
- 奥里安斯(迈克尔·杰克逊)
- 格思里戈万(亚洲)
- 以及许多其他...
- ...和名单不断扩大!
- 闪回延时与活套
- 混响名人堂大厅
- 电晕合唱
- 涡镶边
- 沙克尔颤音

TonePrint 更新内容

-support for new Sub'n Up octaver pedal
-updated toneprint content

TonePrint 历史版本

TonePrint 使用技巧

TonePrint 信息

影音播放 音乐
Android 4.2.x 以上



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