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MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator下载

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator

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MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator 截图

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator 描述

The decisive Sci,Fin,Stat,Base Calculator & 50k+ comprehensive convertor & more.

The decisive Scientific, Financial, Statistics calculator software performing all complex calculations & featuring the most comprehensive Unit Converter, Currency converter since 2002 now available on Android. Free Desktop version !

Scientific Evaluator --

Superlative collection of operators. Memory Functions.
Math, Trigonometric, Hyperbolic & Inverse Hyperbolic
exp, log, log2, log10, abs, sgn, sqr, rnd, int, sqrt
sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc, asin, acos, atan, acot, asec, acsc
sinh, cosh, tanh, coth, sech, csch, asinh, acosh, atanh, acoth, asech, acsch

Financial Functions --

PV, FV, NPER , Mortgage & Loan Calculator with Complete table, DDB, SLN, PPMT, SYD.

Statistical Functions --

Summation of Data, Summation of Squares of Data, Population standard deviation, Sample standard deviation, Mean, Geometric mean, median of the given values. Average of the absolute deviations. Summation of squares of deviations
nPr, nCr, Min, Max.

MxSolver --

Quadratic equation, Quadratic simultaneous equations, Cubic simultaneous equations.

Unit Converter --

Most comprehensive unit converter utility tool. Comes with 150+ categories, 3500+ Units and 50000+ conversions.

Currency Converter --

Convert currency values to various currencies. Convert between over 170 different currencies with updated currency exchange rate.

Graphing --
5 function plotter. Cartesian & Polar Curve mode.

Loan & Amortization Tables --

Calculate the Total interest, monthly interest, monthly payment, monthly breakup on Principal paid and interest paid. Generate Amortization table with Escrow and Extra principal as optional inputs.

Easy to use.

Complete chart of all the months

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator 更新内容


New UI. Faster loading, More skins.

Minor bug fixing.

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator 历史版本

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator 使用技巧

MxCalc SE -Decisive Calculator 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上
3GR Technology

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