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ViewRex Mobile is an enabling mobile application that provides physicians and clinicians that ability to quickly view their DICOM studies on their mobile phone or tablet PC.

The ViewRex Mobile allows the viewing and manipulation of images, such as X-rays, CT, MR and virtually any medical imaging modality.

ViewRex mobile helps in streamlining the healthcare process and empowers physicians to cooperate with others and take patient care anytime / anywhere.
ViewRex mobile offers a number of advanced viewing features including zoom in/out, window/level contrast adjustments, measurements, angle and cine view.
With only one application, it enables to access multi hospital and authenticates user’s privilege.
All the communications and images are transmitted using secure, encrypted delivery and optimized for the highest mobile performance.

ViewRex Mobile is a client program that requires mobile PACS server at the hospital.
Check us out on the web (www.viewrex.com) and please contact us at sales@techheim.com or your local distributor.

ViewRex Mobile features
- User authentication
. Institution selection
. ID/Password
- Worklist
. Diversified search option
: ID, Name, Sex, Age, Modality, Status, BodyPart, Date
. Quick Search
: Today, Yesterday, A Week Ago, 8~ Days Ago
. Adjustment layout
. By Modality, Series print out Layout (1×1, 2×2)
- Viewer
. Display mode and layout
. Zoom in/out and pan
. Window/level contrast adjustments
. Animation play (Cine mode)
. Line Measure
. Angle Measure
. Overlay Information
. Report View

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ViewRex PACS is specializes in PACS & Teleradiology and take the lead in the industry with excellent reputation. ViewRex PACS has been implemented more than 600 institutions for last 12 years.
ViewRex supports 10 different languages and certified CE, ISO, KFDA, GoodSoftware and GMP.
ViewRex PACS benefits from the ease of workflow management including at-a glance procedure status and statistical reports to effectively manage your healthcare enterprise and marketing efforts. Your healthcare institution benefits from streamlined activity, which results in cost savings and improved service to both patients and referring physicians.

Next Generation PACS Solution - ViewRex
- New Technology PACS Solution
- Integrated Communication System : Telemedicine, Collaboration
- Global Standard : CE0120, ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP(KFDA), GS(Good Software) certificated
- Stable System : Stable Program, Fast Loading, High Quality Image, High Quality Service
- Multi-Language Supported : 10 Languages
- User friendly interface
- HIS Integration (HL7)

ViewRex Family Products
- ViewRex PACS
- ViewRex Video
- ViewRex Dental
- ViewRex Mammo
- ViewRex 3D
- ViewRex CD Manager
- ViewRex Voice

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Android 1.6.0 以上
TechHeim Co., Ltd.

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