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BlueInput Demo

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BlueInput Demo BlueInput Demo BlueInput Demo BlueInput Demo BlueInput Demo BlueInput Demo

BlueInput Demo 描述

Blueinput for Android is an advanced Bluetooth application that allows you to connect a bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard to your Android device for extraordinary typing speed, wireless device control and an unrivaled coolness factor.
IMPORTANT: Samsung Galaxy phones and some HTC Models do not support Bluetooth L2CAP, needed for Blueinput to open a connection to your bluetooth keyboard or mouse. Please do not under rate Blueinput for something that is beyond our control. We have provided this free trial version so you can test it with your hardware.
News and release notes:
- Version 2.1 comes with additional Layouts (Swiss, Portuguese, Dvorak)
Features an advanced, yet easy to use Layout Editor that you can use to create your own Language Layout (including Chinese, Arabic or any other)
The first time you start the Blueinput Application, a built in Wizard will take care of all your configuration steps, making setup so easy!
Additional improvements over the previous versions including bug fixing, new internal performance features, and other addons
- Version 2.0 comes with Android 4.0 support, bugs and fixes, including revised Spanish Layout, new Bluetooth interface
- Version 1.9.X brings layout support (English, French AZERTY, German, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish) and more to come (Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Korean, etc). Keyboard autorepeat. GUI improvements and bug fixes.
- Version 1.8.X brings Tablet support.
- Version 1.7.X was designed to be compatible with Android 2.1 (or newer) Bluetooth SDK.
- 2.1版配备了额外的布局(瑞士,葡萄牙,德沃夏克)
- 2.0版自带的Andr​​oid 4.0的支持,bug和修正,包括修订西班牙语布局,新的蓝牙接口
- 1.9.x的版本带来布局支持(英语,法语AZERTY,德语,意大利语,挪威语,罗马尼亚语,俄语,西班牙语,瑞典语)和更多的惊喜(日语,阿拉伯语,中国,希腊,韩国等)。键盘自动重复。图形用户界面的改进和bug修复。
- 版本1.8.x的平板带来支持。
- 1.7.x版被设计为与Android 2.1(或更新版本)蓝牙SDK的兼容。

BlueInput Demo 更新内容

2.2.225 UPDATE
* Improved Bluetooth connectivity with SPP Support! Connect your keyboard using HID or SPP, or use the automated connection manager.
* All Bluetooth enabled Android devices support SPP (serial port profile)
* Mouse Cursor implemented
* Improved user interface, to provide the same power and configurability but easier to use!
* More settings options and all in one a great user experience
* Bug fixes, including saving the custom layouts, the virtual keyboard settings, and others

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Android 2.1.x 以上
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