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Rogers Navigator is more than just GPS—it’s a premium navigator to keep at your side to get you through your busy day. Find millions of places without switching apps, complete with prices, menus, ratings and reviews. Then get where you’re going with turn-by-turn GPS directions spoken to you in a real human voice. Choose from up to three different ways to get to your destination based on traffic, distance and drive time, and be rerouted if a traffic jam pops up. The homescreen dashboard gives you instant access to what you need on the go: a map of your current location, traffic-based commute times and one tap to popular search categories. It’s navigation, search and discovery all in one convenient app.
Key Features:
✔ Dashboard – Get the relevant information you need on the dashboard, including your traffic-based commute times, map, weather and one-tap access to popular search categories.
✔ Navigation – Drive confidently to your destination with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions and easy-to-follow visual directions.
✔ Multi Route – Choose the best path for you from up to three routes based on traffic, distance and estimated drive time.
✔ Traffic Alerts –Know what to expect on your route with real-time traffic alerts, and avoid jams with one-tap rerouting.
✔ Traffic Report –See traffic details along each segment of your navigation route, including current speed pace and any incidents that have occurred.
✔ Nearby Places – With millions of search listings, you always find what you need wherever you are by using the convenient autofill search box, voice commands or shortcut icons. See an array of details about each establishment such as phone number, ratings and reviews, and hours of operation to help you make the most informed decision.
✔ Quick Search – Quickly search addresses or businesses around you or in another location using the one bar search tool.
✔ Favorites – Add the places you frequent to your favorites so you can access them easily from the dashboard.
✔ Red Light Cameras – Know in advance where to slow down or stop with alerts about traffic cameras.
✔ Lane Assist – Know exactly what lane to be in and when to change lanes to exit highways.
✔ Speed Limit Indication – See speed limits for the road you’re on and be alerted when you’re driving too fast.
✔ Satellite Map View – Use the alternative satellite view to get a birds eye view of your surroundings and s the terrain around you.
✔ Drive-to Shortcuts – Easy access to your recently driven places and even drive directly to contacts from your phone book.
✔ Car Icons – Personalize your navigation experience with a vehicle icon that best fits your style of driving.
*A subscription charge of $4.99 per month will applied to the Rogers Wireless subscriber’s account. You can cancel your subscription using your phone or by calling customer care at any time. In order to use Rogers Navigator, you must be a current Rogers Wireless subscriber.
**If you are roaming outside of Canada, data charges will apply on a per KB basis at the applicable roaming rate.
✔仪表板 - 你需要在仪表盘上的相关信息,其中包括基于交通通勤时间,地图,天气和一触式访问流行的搜索类别。
✔导航 - 自信地驾驶到你的目的地,语音导航,转由转动方向和易于遵循的视觉方向。
✔多路线 - 选择你的最佳路径最多三条航线的基础上交通,距离和估计的车程时间。
✔附近的地方 - 随着数以百万计的搜索列表中,你总能找到你需要的,无论你是使用便捷的自动填充搜索框,语音命令或快捷方式图标。数组的每个机构的详细信息如电话号码,评级和评论,以帮助你做出最明智的决定和工作时间。
✔快速搜索 - 快速搜索地址或你周围或在其他位置使用一个栏搜索工具的企业。
✔我的最爱 - 添加到您的收藏夹你频繁的地方,这样你就可以轻松地访问它们从仪表板。
✔冲红灯摄影机 - 预先知道在哪里减慢或停止有关交通摄像头的警报。
✔车道辅助 - 知道什么车道和退出高速公路变更车道时。
✔车速限制指示 - 查看你在道路的车速限制,并可以当你开得太快了。
✔卫星地图 - 使用替代卫星视图,得到你周围的环境,鸟瞰和你周围的地形。
✔驱动捷径 - 轻松访问您最近推动的地方,甚至带动直接从电话簿中的联系人。
✔汽车图标 - 个性化导航体验与车辆图标最适合您的驾驶风格。

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Fixed the compatibility issues with Kitkat.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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