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Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History Next Exit History

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Over 60,000 historic locations and growing! NextExitHistory™ is a fun and exciting way to learn more about the history and culture around the globe through your smartphone or tablet. Information is delivered through text, images, audio, and video. Take your experience a step further by playing our interactive History Hunters game! Collect badges for checking in at historic sites, answer trivia and scavenger hunt questions to increase your points, and challenge your friends to see who is the top History Hunter!
Next Exit History is a service of Three21 Innovations LLC in collaboration with the University of West Florida, Historical Research Associates, Inc., and Zenwerks.
You should not use the Program while operating a moving vehicle or any equipment as your attention may be distracted and this may result in severe injury or death. You are solely responsible for such activity should you undertake it and we are not liable for any damages related thereto.
超过60,000的历史位置和成长! NextExitH​​istory™是通过智能手机或平板电脑了解更多的历史和文化在全球范围内一个有趣和令人兴奋的方式。信息是通过文字,图片,音频和视频递送。把你的经验了一步,发挥我们的互动历史猎人游戏!收集的历史遗迹,回答琐事和寻宝问题检查中增加您的积分徽章,并挑战你的朋友,看看谁是顶级的历史猎人!

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Big Update News!
We heard you loud and clear and completely redesigned Next Exit History for 2016. Changes include a overhaul of the entire UX, updates to the History Hunters game, the addition of location based searches, a snazzy new list and grid view option, and much, much more!
Check it out and let us what know what you think.

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