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Get the best business weather, from the largest business-to-business weather provider. WeatherSentry™ SmartPhone is a subscription service that provides business-grade lightning safety and much more for utilities, wind farms, sports and recreation, construction, emergency management, DOTs, and other organizations needing professional weather to ensure safety and improve efficiency of operations.
A subscription service from Schneider Electric is required. Schneider Electric customers for WeatherSentry SmartPhone are being directed here to obtain the download. To subscribe, please provide us your contact and business information at http://tvt.schneider-electric.com/forms/environment/env-trial.cfm. One of our sales associates familiar with the critical weather needs of your industry will contact you.
Customize your lightning alerts for your needs, including an all-clear notification of when it’s safe to resume activity. Get lightning and other forecasted and observed weather notifications for your GPS position and fixed locations of concern. Drill into interactive weather maps to see lightning, current weather and much more – even current severe weather storm tracks and “future radar”, a 90-minute projected radar animation. Access the forecasts that ForecastWatch has rated the most accurate available in the US for the past 8 years, and the most accurate in Europe as well. Get the weather used by more businesses, universities, professional sports teams, winter road maintenance and public safety officials than any other.
Key features:
• For lightning alerting, create up to 3 lightning warning ranges; you set the distance
• Lightning “all clear” notification of when it’s safe to resume
• Patented, customizable alerts for a range of observed and forecast weather
• Create alerts for your current GPS position and fixed locations
• 24/7 online consulting with professional meteorologists
• High-resolution, interactive maps
• Display real-time lightning, severe weather storm corridors, future radar and more, to help you make better business and safety decisions on the go
• Forecasts independently rated most accurate
• Patented PrecipTimer to estimate when snow or rain will arrive at your location
• Convenient “Dashboard” for quick summary of most critical weather
• Global support, with more extensive support for US, Canada and Europe, depending on version
获得最佳企业天气,从最大的企业对企业天气提供商。 WeatherSentry™智能手机是一种订阅服务,提供企业级安全性的闪电和更多的实用工具,风力发电场,体育和娱乐,建设,应急管理,点和其他组织需要专业的天气,以确保安全和提高运营效率。
定制你的雷电警报您的需求,包括在安全,恢复活动的全明确通知。获得闪电和你的GPS位置等预测和观察到的气候通知和关注的固定位置。钻入互动天气地图看到闪电,当前天气等等 - 即使是目前的灾害性天气的风暴路径和“未来雷达”,有90分钟的投射雷达动画。访问ForecastWatch已评为美国最准确的,在过去​​8年的预测,以及欧洲最准确。获取更多的由企业,大学,专业运动队,冬季道路养护和公共安全官员比其他任何使用的天气。

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This version includes a number of bug fixes.

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Android 2.3.3 以上

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